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Educate and champion sustainability and environmental goals with EV charging from Apogee Charging Solutions!

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, EV charging stations are popping up everywhere. But there are very few places where EV charging is appreciated or used more than in an educational setting. Large university or collages in the US have on average more than 15,000 students with over 50% of them bring their vehicles with them to campus. With the average EV driver preferring to charge at home, the education sector has become a prime location for drivers to charge their EVs. Speak to an Apogee Charging Solutions specialist and join the EVolution today. You can schedule a call that fits you needs by clicking the button below.

EV Chargers for Students and Visitors

EV Chargers for Students

With an estimated 35 million electric vehicles on the road by 2022, the education sector is in a unique position to tap into the rising wave of green transportation. More and more people are purchasing electric vehicles, especially the younger generations, making EV charging on campus a must!

EV Chargers for Admin and Educators

EV Chargers for Admin and Educators

In today’s educational employment market top talent is looking for differentiating incentives to round out their employment benefits. With EV charging for admin and staff, you are showing your sustainability commitment all while making your benefits package more appealing.

Educational Benefits

With the education sector acting as the hub of progressive thinking and innovation, it makes sense for universities and colleges to offer EV charging to their students, visitors, admin, and staff. The electric vehicle market is going to continue to grow as environmental concerns and gas prices continue to grow. The education sector can utilize this growing trend towards green transportation to launch new and innovative research into sustainability and electrified transportation options. You can now establish your university as a hub of sustainability and innovation. Contact an Apogee Charging Solutions education sector specialist today and join the EVolution!

EV Charging Benefits for the Education Sector

While there are major benefits for your students, visitors, and staff when installing EV chargers, there are also significant benefits for the education sector as well. While you are providing a valuable amenity for those who drive an EV, you are also installing a new revenue stream. Monetizing your EV chargers is easy with our operating system. Apogee Charging Solutions offers a fully customizable operating system with intelligent energy management, automatic infrastructure diagnostics, autonomous revenue generation, and so much more.

Your EV Charging Experience

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eBook - 5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest In EV Charging - Additional Information5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest In EV Charging
If you are thinking about investing in an EV charging infrastructure, now is the time. The market is rapidly expanding, and there are plenty of incentives to take advantage of. There are many benefits to installing EV charging stations; you can attract new students to your school, it helps with employee retention, and you can increase the property value all while creating a new revenue stream. We are rapidly entering the phase where the benefits out way the costs associated with product purchase and installation.

In our eBook, we’ll review the top 5 questions we recommend reviewing before making a final EV charger investment decision!

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