Empowering Military Families with In-Home EV Charging

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As our world progresses towards a greener future, it’s crucial for every sector to contribute to sustainability efforts. Recognizing this, military housing providers have taken a significant step forward by introducing EV charging for military homes, making it easier for our brave military members and their families to embrace electric vehicles (EVs) and reduce their carbon footprint.

Thousands of military families residing in privatized housing on military installations now have access to in-home charging stations for their electric vehicles, thanks to initiatives from several privatized housing landlords. Residents are not burdened with installation costs for Level 2 charging stations, which can be conveniently set up in garages and carports, where available. Instead, they pay for the time they utilize to charge their vehicles, a nominal fee compared to traditional utility costs.

Justin Kern, Executive General Manager of Lendlease Communities, emphasized the safety and efficiency of Level 2 charging over other alternatives. This method significantly reduces charging time, taking only five to six hours to reach a full vehicle charge, compared to potentially unsafe Level 1 charging, which can take over 24 hours.

The rollout of these programs is gaining momentum across various military bases. Lendlease, for instance, has initiated the program in bases like Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Cavazos, and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, among others. Partnering with TRO Energy Solutions, they cover installation, setup, and maintenance costs, alleviating financial burdens for residents.

Other housing providers, including The Michaels Organization, Balfour Beatty Communities, and Hunt Military Communities, are also stepping up to provide EV charging solutions at military homes nationwide. This collective effort aims to promote sustainability while offering convenience and cost-effective charging options to military families.

Pricing for these charging options is tailored to regional utility costs, with residents subscribing to monthly packages based on anticipated energy usage. Any unused kilowatt-hours or miles are rolled over to the next month, ensuring fairness and flexibility for users.

The significance of this initiative goes beyond environmental benefits. It’s a testament to our commitment to support military families by providing them with the tools and resources needed for a sustainable lifestyle. As Department of Defense officials continue to explore ways to enhance housing amenities, the introduction of EV charging stations marks a positive step forward in catering to the evolving needs of military communities.

The integration of EV charging infrastructure into military housing reflects a broader shift towards sustainable living. By embracing electric vehicles and reducing dependency on fossil fuels, military families are not only contributing to environmental conservation but also setting an example for future generations. As these programs expand and evolve, they signify a promising future where sustainability and innovation thrive hand in hand.

Click here to read the full article, originally published March 18, 2024 by Military Times.


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