Are Their Benefits for Retailers Who Offer EV Charging?

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Retail EV charging stations are becoming increasingly prevalent as the world transitions towards an all-electric future. Major players like Walmart and Target are expanding their network of charging stations across the US, setting the stage for other retailers to follow suit. But what exactly are the benefits of offering EV charging for retailers? Here’s a closer look:

  1. Promote Sustainability: By supporting the transition to electric vehicles, retailers can align themselves with sustainability goals and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. Providing EV charging infrastructure allows retailers to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improve their brand image.
  2. Gain Competitive Advantage: In a competitive retail landscape, offering EV charging can help retailers stand out from the crowd and attract eco-minded consumers. By making the first move to embrace EV chargers, retailers can differentiate themselves and build long-term brand loyalty.
  3. Drive Foot Traffic: With the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, EV owners actively seek out destinations with charging facilities. By offering EV chargers, retailers can attract more customers who are looking to recharge while they shop, thus increasing foot traffic and potentially boosting sales.
  4. Prolonging Customer Stay: EV charging stations provide an opportunity for retailers to extend the length of time customers spend in their stores. Studies have shown that EV drivers tend to spend more time shopping while their vehicles are charging, leading to increased revenue for retailers.

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  1. Create New Revenue Streams: In addition to driving in-store sales, EV charging stations themselves can become a new source of revenue for retailers. By charging customers for using the facilities, retailers can generate additional income to offset the costs of installing and maintaining the chargers.
  2. Additional Savings with Incentives: Early adoption of EV charging infrastructure can lead to significant financial benefits for retailers. Tax credits and incentives are currently available to offset the costs of installing charging stations, providing retailers with an opportunity to minimize their expenses.

Retail Charging with Apogee Charging Solutions

The benefits of offering EV charging for retailers are clear. From promoting sustainability and gaining a competitive advantage to driving foot traffic and creating new revenue streams, EV chargers can be a valuable addition to any retail establishment. With incentives available to offset installation costs, there has never been a better time for retailers to embrace EV charging and position themselves for success in an all-electric future.

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