Operating System

Apogee Charging Solutions offers one of the most
advanced EV charging operating systems on the market!

Apogee Charging Solutions is proud to offer the Noodoe EV operating system, one of the most advance cloud-based operating platform on the market today! Our operating system allows electric vehicle charging networks to run automatic charging points at multiple locations. The Noodoe EV OS offers operators an automated revenue-generating charging management system for both big and small networks.

We boast the easiest management system and provide the simplest charging experience.

Charge Smarter with the Noodoe EV OS Advantage

Intelligent Energy Management

With the Noodoe EV charging stations, you will have access to our advanced energy management features. This allows network operators to optimize multiple charging stations when power supplies are limited. The Noodoe EV OS is ADR 2.0b certified, allowing two-way information exchange with utility companies.

Autonomous Revenue Generation

Our Noodoe EV charging stations are powered by the most advanced operating system on the market. You can now offer your employees, customers, and tenants the simplest charging experience with the widest range of advanced features for site owners and operators.

Seamless Funds Transfer

With Noodoe you no longer have to wonder when your funds will be transferred. The operating system automates a smooth and timely transfer of funds to your bank account.

Infrastructure Diagnostics

Our operating system features an automated diagnostic, alert, and self-recovery system. Minimize the need for maintenance and ensure optimal operating conditions for all of your EV charging stations.

Peak-Hour Pricing Adjustment

Your administrative staff will have access to the central management functions enabling them to configure pricing and modify peak hours. Empower your administrators with the Noodoe EV OS and manage your entire charging infrastructure!

Automatic Transaction Billing

Our Noodoe EV charging stations support universal at-the-pump payment. You can now enable customers to use their preferred payment method, whether it be credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay!

Operating System Compatibility

Nodoe Operating System Compatibility

Apogee Charging Solutions offers an entire line of level 2 and level 3 EV charging stations that are quality certified and pre-configured to run on our Noodoe EV operating system.

Our operating system can also be configured to work with a host of other top brand EV charger manufacturers, or it can be deployed to an existing EV charging network.

Please Note: While our operating system can be configured to work with other brands there are additional fees associated with the configuration as well as for the cloud based system.

We welcome inquiries into our operating system and are available to answer your questions. For additional information, please schedule a call or email [email protected].

Dynamic Load Balancing

As more and more people purchase electric vehicles the need for EV chargers grows. Most organizations are considering installing EV charging stations either for their tenants, employees, or customers, but many don’t have the necessary electricity to keep up with the demand.

This is where load balancing or dynamic lead management comes into play. Let’s look at an example:

A small delivery fleet only has power for 5 EV chargers but needs 10 for the property. With our EV charger operating system, the fleet can use a built-in program to keep everything balanced. The program only kicks in after the initial four chargers are in use. When vehicles pull up to the 5th, 6th, and other chargers the program takes over managing the power. It tracks energy usage across the stations, automatically keeping energy usage below the maximum power draw. The program divides the energy across the charger network and instead of moving the vehicles, the program moves the electricity.

EV Charger Load Balancing - Before
EV Charger Load Balancing - After

To learn more about how our EV charger operating system manages load balancing, you can read our in-depth blog on the subject. You can find it here: What is EV Charger Load Balancing? – Also Known as Dynamic Load Management.

Monetizing Your EV Chargers

Monetizing Your EV Chargers

There are many different reasons to install EV chargers. You own a multi-family dwelling and some of your tenants have electric vehicles, you want to offer green solutions for your employees and visitors, you are taking advantage of the tax rebates and are installing them for public usage. There are many different reasons organizations opt to install EV chargers, but one of the main reasons the charger actually gets installed is because of the ability to monetize the EV chargers.

By monetizing EV chargers in combination with tax credits and rebates, most organizations are looking at a 1-2 year ROI. So the big question is how do you monetize your EV chargers?

There are 4 main steps to monetizing your EV chargers.

  • Determine your EV charging model
  • Evaluate your EV charging technology and apps
  • Determine the network payment options
  • Secure your fund transfer

After reviewing the above 4 steps you might think this seems a bit too easy. That’s because it is. With Apogee Charging Solutions and our Noodoe operating system, it is that easy. Our operating system offers an ease of utilization that has made it the #1 preferred OS for network operators across the world.

Experience The Noodoe EV Operating System

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