What is EV Charger Load Balancing? – Also Known as Dynamic Load Management

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The number of electric vehicles is increasing every year. Add in the various fossil-fuel restrictions some states are enacting in the next few years, and the need for EV chargers will keep increasing.

Whether you are installing EV charging stations to drive customers to your business or entice new tenants to your building, you need to understand load balancing in EV chargers.

Load balancing ensures your charging stations have the electricity to keep up with customer demand. Some issues that can limit electrical output include:

  • Your power panel – It may not be able to keep up with consumer demand.
  • Your utility company – They may also limit power.
  • You have room to install additional EV chargers – Will you have to retrofit the entire electrical setup?

An expensive electrical upgrade may not be necessary. Here are a few ways you can achieve dynamic load balancing in your EV charging stations.

Load Balancing Your Charging Stations

You can still operate dynamic load management with a small number of EV charging stations. If your power grid isn’t designed to support additional stations, you can take advantage of the available software found in our operating system.

Load balancing in EV chargers is simplified with our software. It can track energy usage, allow you to control when the charging station is operational, along with who uses it. Our software apps even alert EV drivers when their vehicle has finished charging. It helps keep the line moving smoothly.

Some software apps aren’t designed for all businesses. For example, sending an alert to a hotel guest to move their vehicle. It is fine for retail establishments, but hotels don’t want to wake up their guests because their EV is fully charged.

With Apogee Charging Solutions, you will have a fully customizable operating system that was designed to give the ultimate control to network owners. Our customizable features makes it easier to balance the electrical load and keep your customers happy.

Use Smart Energy Management Techniques

You may decide to install additional EV charging stations, even though electrical power is limited. This is when you want to use smart energy management techniques to ensure the load is balanced.

If you only have power for 4 EV chargers but have 16 on the property, you can use a program to keep everything balanced. The program only kicks in after the initial four chargers are in use. When cars pull up to the 5th, 6th, and other chargers the program takes over managing the power. It tracks energy usage across the stations, automatically keeping energy usage below the maximum power draw.

We offer several different types and levels of EV chargers, but all of them come with the Noodoe Operating System. To learn more about the different types of changers and their operating systems, click here for Level 2 EV Chargers, or here for Level 3 EV Chargers.

load balancing
dynamic load balancing

You may have more charging stations than power, but the program ensures dynamic load balancing. Every driver can charge their vehicles at any of your charging stations. How it works is simple. The program divides the energy across the chargers. Vehicles don’t have to move to another charging station, instead, the program moves the electricity.

Dynamic Lead Management with Apogee Charging Solutions

Not having enough power for more than 4 charging stations doesn’t mean a complete electric retrofit. Using EV charger load balancing software and programs allows you to install more chargers even when you have electrical restrictions.

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