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Creating an EV charging infrastructure that fits individual
needs and offers the right solution for our clients’.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a fully turn-key EV charging experience for all of our clients’. No individual EV charging solution fits every organization, and customizing your solution could mean the difference between success and failure. Our integrated hardware and cloud-based software allows for full customization and provides the smoothest experience no matter your organization. Combine this with our project management, incentive packages, grant writing, and installation process, Apogee Charging Solutions can offer a truly integrated portfolio of EV charging solutions.

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EV Chargers for Multi Family Homes

Multifamily Dwellings

Multifamily dwellings come with a host of EV charging challenges. Deeded parking spaces, underground garages, infrastructure and electrical upgrades are just a few of the issues MUD property managers can face. Let the experts at Apogee Charging Solutions assist you with all of your EV charging needs.

EV Chargers for Fleets


Fleets of all types and sizes are utilizing Apogee Charging Solutions for their fleet electrification. From conception to eventual scaling, our EV charging experts are here to assist with a fully customizable turn-key EV charging solution to electrify and optimize your fueling as you grow.

EV Chargers for Businesses


Businesses across the country are considering the benefits of EV charging for their employees, visitors, and customer. No matter if your business is looking to install one or a hundred EV chargers, Apogee Charging Solutions has a plan that fits your needs. Our EV charging experts are available to help start your EVolution.

EV Chargers for Municipalities, Cities, Towns


Municipalities are in a unique situation of needed multi chargers spread out over large areas. Coordinating a town or city wide EV charging network installation is a complicated task and needs an experienced project management team. Let the experts at Apogee Charging Solutions help make this process as smooth as possible.

EV Chargers for the Education Sector

Education Sector

As the world turns towards EV charging for their fueling needs, the education sector has the opportunity to advance their green initiatives all while monetizing their chargers. You can now offer your educators, staff, students, and visitors an automated charging solution with minimal management required.

EV Chargers for Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes

A recent survey has found that electric vehicle owners prefer to charge their vehicles at home. But with the slow trickle chargers offered by the car manufacturers they find themselves in need of a faster charging experience. Get commercial grade charging at home with our level 2 AC home chargers.

EV Charger Management Services and Solutions

Management Services

Apogee Charging Solutions offers one of the most advanced cloud-based EV charging operating systems on the market today. As a turn-key EV charging supplier and installer, we are one of the only companies in the U.S. offering EV charger management services. Now you no longer have to worry about who is going to manage your charging network.

EV Chargers for Partners


Are you interested in partnering with Apogee Charging Solutions to advance your organization’s EV charging initiatives? Are you an auto dealer looking to offer upgraded EV charging units? Or what about an electrician wanted to break into the charging business? Why not become an Apogee Charging Solution partner!

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