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Increase property value and charge your EV at accelerated speeds with an Apogee home charger!

So you just purchased an electric vehicle but the trickle charger the auto dealership gave you is so slow. Now you want to charge at commercial speeds. You can go to a home improvement store and purchase a wide variety of EV chargers, but you don’t have the right input power in your garage. Now what do you do?

Apogee Charging Solutions is here to offer you commercial grade charging speeds, all while upgrading and installing your charger using field tested certified electricians. Get faster at home charging today, by scheduling a call with one of our residential EV charging specialists.

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Apogee Charging Solutions offers an all-in-one EV charging experience for single family home owners. Our level 2 AC home chargers can charge any electric vehicle, and offers a sleek, compact and water proof construction for indoors or outside. As a bonus there are rebates and incentives available for both vehicle and charger purchases. Let Apogee Charging Solutions handle your EV charging needs. Our EV charging experts are here to guide you through the entire process, from an easy purchasing process, to our certified electricians handling any electrical upgrades and installation. All you have to do is start charging as 10x faster speeds!

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