No matter what type of business you own let Apogee help you find the EV charging solution that fits your needs.

As electric vehicles are become more popular we are seeing a shift in how consumers live their lives. EV drivers are now basing where they shop, work, live and play around the availability to charge their vehicles. Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of people in the middle of the desert because there are no resources. EV charging has become the hottest resource on the market today. Businesses can tap into this exploding market and generate new revenue streams all while advancing their sustainability goals. Join the EVolution today!

EV Charging for Every Business Type

EV Chargers for Workplaces
EV Chargers for Retail
EV Chargers for Restaurants
EV Chargers for Hospitality

Apogee Charging Solutions customizes each solution to fit the client. Not every business is the same, while one business may only need a few EV chargers, another may need hundreds spread out over a large geographical area. No matter you business type or your EV charging goals, we have a solution that can meet your needs. We offer a fully turn-key EV charging experience, from solution customization, incentives and grant writing, to project management and electrical infrastructure upgrades. No matter your needs Apogee Charging Solutions is here to help advance your organizations EV charging initiatives.

EV Charging Benefits for Businesses

Attract Top Talent Icon

Attract Top Talent

In today’s employment market top talent is looking for differentiating incentives to round out their employment benefits. Show your sustainability commitment all while making your benefits package more appealing by offering EV Chargers.

Customer Experience Icon

Improve Customer Experience

There are many businesses that can profit from offering EV charging to their customers and visitors. Easily monetize your EV charging network to maximize customer retention all while increasing revenue.

Employee Experience Icon

Improve Employee Experience

Businesses with EV charging as a benefit not only attract top talent but retain and empower current and future employees. With Apogee Charging Solutions you can easily manage and scale across multiple locations and states.

Promote Sustainability Icon

Promote Sustainability

More and more employees and customers are looking for businesses that practice sustainability. With EV charging you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost your company’s sustainability goals.

Your EV Charging Experience

Additional Business Resources

eBook - 4 Reasons Workplace Charging is Essential - Additional Information4 Reasons Workplace Charging is Essential
EV charging infrastructure is essential for workplaces wanting to remain relevant in the future. Installing chargers for customers, employees, and visitors modernizes your property while also demonstrating a commitment to a sustainable environment. Proving to be an environmentally friendly business can also have an economic benefit. Not only will it attract customers but can make the business eligible for financial benefits.

In our eBook, we’ll review the growing EV market, financial incentives, and how EV charging promotes customer retention!

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