Fleet Electrification

Join the Apogee fleet electrification process today and electrify and optimize your fleet fueling as you grow!

With Apogee Charging Solutions, fleet managers now have a fully turn-key customizable fleet electrification solution. From conception to expansion, our fleet charging portfolio includes everything a fleet needs to electrify and optimize as they grow. Our EV operating system offers some of the most advanced automations on the market today. Our load balancing capabilities combined with our advanced reporting and autonomous service delivery, makes it easy to keep your costs low, and your fleet road ready. Join the EVolution today with our fleet electrification solutions!

Take Control of Your Fleets EV Charging Needs

In-Depth Reporting
Retail-Time Diagnostics
Self-Recovery System
Central Control

Apogee Charging Solutions has over 20 years of project management and electrical infrastructure upgrade experience, providing peace of mind for any fleet manager considering an electrification project. Our dynamic operating system keeps your fleet vehicles charged and ready with dynamic load balancing, real-time reporting, and ensures uninterrupted fleet operations.

All of our charging units run on the Noodoe EV operating system. This cloud-based central brain offers advanced automation and is fully customizable to meet any fleets specific needs. Our diagnostics and self-recovery minimize the need for costly maintenance and our chargers have been built with the future in mind to minimize unexpected and expensive upgrades.

With Apogee Charging Solutions you fleet electrification plan can become a reality. From site surveys and analysis, grant writing and incentives, to permitting, electrical upgrades and installation, we have all of your fleets electrification needs covered.

Smart Energy Management for Fleets

Smart EV Charger Energy Management for Fleets

Our operating system helps cut installation costs by offering smart energy management with our load balancing software. This feature allows you to install additional charges, up to 25%, on the same electrical panel.

Our operating system’s smart autonomous load balancing feature will redistribute power to the EVs needing the most charge, so your vehicles charge faster and are ready when you need them.


Smart Scheduling for Fleets

Smart EV Charger Scheduling for Fleets

Peak charging rates can raise costs, but with our smart scheduling we help fleets to reduce their operating costs. When utilizing other operating systems, each vehicle in your fleet starts charging as soon as it returns to the depot and is plugged in. While this seems like a good thing, the vehicles that return early could start their charging process during peak electricity rates, leading to higher costs from your utility company.

But with our smart scheduling, you can now save significantly on your electric bill. The Noodoe EV OS analyzes the rates being offered by your utility company, then intelligently schedules the charging of the entire fleet to maximize on the lowest electricity cost.

Your EV Charging Experience

Additional Fleet Electrification Resources

Cover on eBook - Fleet Charging - Moving Forward with Electrification - Additional ResourcesFleet Charging – Moving Forward with Electrification
Fleet electrification is the future and it’s coming faster than you may think. Are you ready to meet these changes? EV charging is expanding into fleet electrification. More businesses are evolving by changing their fleets into electric vehicles. There are also major incentives in moving towards electrification as well as following current and future government mandates to stimulate greener businesses.

In our eBook, we’ll review how fleet electrification is driving the future of transportation!

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