7 Reasons Businesses Need to Add EV Chargers To Their Portfolio

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EV adoption is something businesses need to consider in 2021. The trend in electrical vehicles is growing and companies don’t want to be left behind. If you haven’t started capitalizing on EV charging or are still unsure if it’s the right move for your company, here are 7 reasons why you want to add it to your portfolio.

Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Businesses

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to add EV chargers to your business portfolio.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Environmentalists point out electric vehicles use clean energy. Environmental issues are important to a growing number of consumers, and EV transportation is one-way businesses can show they care.

Businesses also look at the financial costs of any changes, and electric vehicles cost significantly less than automobiles that rely on fossil fuels. It costs less to own an EV than a traditional gas-guzzling vehicle.

Mass Market EVs are the Future

The average price for an electric vehicle is slightly higher than a traditional economy model, but automotive experts predict the costs will go down soon.

Automakers are starting to invest in the future by manufacturing affordable electric vehicles. EV prices between 2020 and 2022 are expected to be around 35K. It’s a little high compared to a traditional sedan, but a steady decrease in battery prices is bringing EV costs down. With car manufacturers gearing up for mass marketed EVs, consumers can expect to see prices continuing to fall.

EVs are Becoming More Accessible

A previous downside of EVs was a lack of accessibility. Small electric cars are great in larger cities with plenty of charging stations, but it isn’t the same in middle America. Trucks are the primary mode of transportation due to their large fuel capacity and cargo room. Manufacturers like Lordstown Motors, Rivian, and Ford are changing how people look at EVs.

The automakers are getting ready to release battery-powered trucks. The dropping costs of batteries are making it feasible for manufacturers and consumers. The electric trucks will have more torque and towing capacity than standard pickups making them a functional and affordable option for businesses looking towards the future.

EV Infrastructure is Critical

EV charging stations are critical. The vehicle’s battery has a specified range before charging. It can’t be pushed further. It’s the same principle that applies when your fuel tank is empty. You can’t force the vehicle to go any farther.

A shortage of gas stations isn’t a problem, but charging stations are. Businesses need to invest in EV charging infrastructure. The benefits of EV charging stations outweigh the installation costs. Consumers will pay to charge their electric vehicles while spending more time in your business. It also shows your company is looking towards the future and will be a relevant part of it.

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Benefits of EV Charging Stations at Work

As more consumers switch to EVs, where they charge their vehicles will be key. You may be able to avoid installing charging stations for employees, but you can also lose business from customers.

If customers can’t charge their vehicles at your business, there’s a good possibility they’ll go to a competitor with a public station. They can spend time in the business, while their vehicle charges. Adding EV charging stations often come with rebates that help pay for the infrastructure. Fees for EV charging are another source of revenue.

In the next few years, consumers are going to expect charging stations where they shop. You can take advantage of the rebates and other financial incentives and get ahead of your competitors.

You read the word rebate and got excited! We completely understand, we did the same thing. Depending upon your state, you could be looking at rebates that would cover both product and installation costs! The Apogee Charging Solutions EV specialists are available to walk you through all of the available rebates. You can schedule a call schedule a call with one of our EV charger experts here, or click the button bellow.

New Funding Opportunities Are Coming

Tax credits and utility rebates are in effect for businesses installing EV charging stations, and more funding is planned for the future.

President Biden has included EV charging stations in his economic plan, and some states are ahead. New York, New Jersey, and California are investing billions in EV charging stations, and more states are expected to follow their example. Oregon and Washington have plans in discussions, along with Massachusetts. You don’t want to be left behind when your state announces its financial incentives.

To keep ahead of the EV market trend, join our EV Action Report. It is our monthly EV newsletter to keep you and your organization up to date on the changing EV economy.

Get Ahead of the Competition

It may not be feasible or practical to invest in several hundred EV chargers, but there’s no reason why you can’t create a plan for the future.

By 2022, EVs will be more affordable and common and it’s not likely to change in the future. When you’re competitors have their charging stations installed and running, you don’t want to lose that potential business. Take a look at the number of parking spots and think about where to place the charging stations. You want to provide the station and customers with shelter in bad weather, so include it in the plan.

Start with one or two EV charging stations, you can always install more. The goal right now is for your business to be ready to meet the new consumer demand.

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