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Increase property value and attract new residents with a premium EV charging experience with Apogee.

With EV charging, more and more condos and apartments are attracting and retaining valuable higher-income EV-driving residents. A 2021 study conducted by J.D. Power shows that 88% of EV drivers charge their vehicles at home. This statistic is becoming exceedingly more important for managers of multifamily dwellings that want to stay competitive in the real estate market. Condos and apartments across the US are choosing Apogee Charging Solutions and our Noodoe charging stations for our quality, reliability, ease of use for drivers, and our advanced operating system. Join the EVolution today by scheduling a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.

EV Chargers for Apartments

EV Chargers for Apartments

EV charging for apartment buildings is becoming a must. Today’s residents are looking for a community that provides green amenities and EV charging has rocketed to the top of the list. Apogee Charging Solutions offers a fully turn-key charging solution to fit your apartments needs.

EV Chargers for Condos

EV Chargers for Condos

Condos and HOA are enhancing the value of their properties and meeting sustainability goals by offering EV charging solutions to their residents. Apogee Charging Solutions works hand-in-hand with property owners to meet all of their EV charging needs, no matter your parking assignments.

Assigned or Shared Parking Made Easy with Apogee

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Our EV Charger operating system makes managing a charging network for multifamily dwellings a breeze. Automatically manage complicated payment processing, load balancing and so much more.

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Different multifamily dwellings need different solutions. Some might need only level 2 AC chargers, while others might want to utilize one central level 3 DC fast charger, or even a combination of both. No matter your solution we have the chargers you need.

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Assigned parking spaces are one of the major hurdles facing multifamily dwellings. But with Apogee Charging Solutions you have a customizable operating system designed to automatically manage your MUD charging network.

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At Apogee Charging Solutions we offer a fully turn-key solution for your MUD. We assist you an manage the entire process including, hardware and software purchasing, grant writing and incentives, electrical upgrades, project management and installation.

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5 Common EV Charger Myths for Multifamily Properties
Are you holding back from investing in EV charging for your multifamily properties? You are thinking about installing EV charging stations for your tenants with electric vehicles (EVs), but you still have concerns. Other MuDs and business owners may have told you about complicated installation processes, or you could be concerned there isn’t a clear path towards seeing a return on the investment (ROI). What if you learned these are common myths about EV charging.

In our eBook, we’ll debunk the 5 most common multifamily dwelling myths surrounding EV charging!

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