EV Chargers for College Campuses – 4 Reasons It Makes Sense

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Students are returning to colleges and universities as life starts returning to normal after the pandemic. The number of students on campus is not the only thing increasing. Electric vehicle sales are also on the rise. It means the end of the fossil-fuel era is approaching, but what does this mean for college campuses? 

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) need to know they have options when it is time to charge their vehicles. While most of the charging time is done at home, drivers still need to plug their rides in throughout the day. It means college campuses need to start thinking about installing EV infrastructure.  

While EV chargers on campus help create a sense of community, schools can also take advantage of the rebates, charging fees, and other financial incentives. It is additional money schools can use towards other programs while also helping to attract and retain students and faculty.  

Still not sure if installing EV chargers on campus is the right move for your school, here are four reasons why it may be the best decision and it doesn’t include the financial ROI.  

1. Colleges and Universities Are Also Community Centers 

University campuses rarely shut down, even during student breaks. Festivals, conferences, concerts, theater, sports, and other events are held on college campuses throughout the year. The college is a type of community center, and you want it to accommodate everyone including EV drivers.  

You want to place EV chargers for college campuses in an easily visible and accessible location. Remember, the chargers are for the entire community not only students and faculty. 

There is a Major reason for placing your EV chargers in convenient public areas, and we explain why in How to Make Money from an EV Charging Station. With public EV chargers you will have the potential for substantial autonomous revenue generation. For more information on EV charging stations and their potential for revenue generation, schedule a call with an Apogee Charging Solutions EV expert by clicking the button below.  

2. Become Part of a Sustainable Future

EVs aren’t completely green, there are still concerns about rechargeable batteries and sustainability.  

Improvements are being made in the EV industry. Recent studies show newer models of EVs from 2019 release one-third of the lifetime emissions as previous models. It is a continual step in the right direction for the planet, and your college campus can be a part of it.  

Do you know the primary reason EV sales aren’t reaching their full potential? It’s due to a lack of charging infrastructure. Some prospective EV owners are worried they will have problems finding charging stations, and your university can help alleviate these fears.  

EV chargers for college campuses bring everyone a step closer to eliminating fossil fuels, and your university can be a part of a greener, more sustainable future.  

3. You are Sending a Message

Universities and colleges are places where science thrives. The campuses are places of learning and set an example for their communities. Investors and students look for forward-thinking schools. They want the best education, and these schools can provide it.  

When you install EV chargers on campus, you are showing the surrounding community your school is committed to the future.  

4. EV Chargers Provide Additional Revenue

It is an investment, and it’s something to consider when you are looking at EV chargers for colleges.  

Even though installing EV chargers does come with costs, they also provide additional revenue. Students and faculty spend much of their time on campus. They need a place to charge their EVs. Visitors are also common on university campuses, and many of them also drive electric vehicles.  

With our EV charging operating system, you can set a surcharge for utilizing your EV chargers. This provides continuous autonomous revenue generation. EV chargers are a long-term investment, but it will pay off over a relatively short period of time.

The payoff period for your EV chargers and the installation could be a lot shorter than you think. Many organizations are seeing a 3 month ROI due to current tax credits, rebates, and incentives. The best part, all of these savings are stackable!  

EV Chargers on Campus with Apogee Charging Solutions

There are several reasons why it makes sense to install EV chargers on college and university campuses, both moral and practical.  

Morally, installing an EV charging infrastructure is beneficial for the environment. It also shows you are a forward-thinking school. It is something students, teachers, and investors look for in a university. You also can’t forget the financial incentives that also benefit the school.  

Whatever your reasons are for installing EV chargers on campus, it is the right decision for the school and the environment. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions EV charging specialist, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below. 


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