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With Apogee Charging Solutions auto dealerships can now offer VIP treatment for their EV drivers!

Auto dealerships now have an EV charging solution they can offer their EV drivers that provides them commercial charging speeds in their own homes! With Apogee Charging Solutions you can give your EV customers the VIP treatment starting at the dealership, all the way to their homes. As an added bonus auto dealerships that are in need of EV charger installs at their locations can rely on Apogee Charging Solutions for all of their in-house charging needs. Auto dealerships that partner with    Apogee Charging Solutions can offer a full line of EV chargers and customizable solutions for their customers and employees.

Benefits to Partnering with Apogee Charging Solutions

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There are substantial benefits to auto dealerships that partner with Apogee Charging Solutions. Auto dealerships that wish to offer in-house charging for vehicles on the lot, customers, and employees can now connect all of their dealerships under one group to form a single charging network. But what about the EV buyers coming to your lot? You can now offer a fully turn-key EV charging experience for EV buyers. It begins in your showroom and ends with a level 2 AC charger, with commercial speed charging, installed at your customers home.

For auto dealerships working with fleets, check out our fleet EV charging solutions and get in on the electrification of fleets nation wide!

Grow Your Own Dealership Charging Network

Dealership EV Charging Network

All of our chargers utilize the Noodoe EV OS, one of the most advanced EV charging operating systems on the market today. Our powerful, cloud-based system offers autonomous diagnostics and self-recovery, minimizing the need for labor, and is easy enough to use that anyone can become a network operator.

With Apogee Charging Solutions you now have a centralized control and management platform that can coordinate operations across all chargers. You can offer your customers and employees charging for a fee, all while charging your on lot vehicles for free!

Get to know true autonomy with;

  • In-depth reporting
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Self-recovery
  • Multiple payment options
  • Peak hour pricing
  • Central control

Empowering Home Charging at Commercial Speeds

Auto dealerships across the US are adding an additional revenue stream to their portfolio with home charger deployment. Dealerships that partner with Apogee Charging Solutions to offer commercial speed EV charging to their EV customers, can now offer a fully turn-key charging solution.

It starts at your dealership, during your EV sale. During the selling process you can up-sell your customers with a level 2 Home charger. This up-sell can be just the charger (which you get a percentage of) or it can include the installation as well (you also get a percentage of this as well). All installations are conducted by a certified electrician.

Join the growing number of auto dealership offering a fully turn-key EV solution to their customers. Contact an Apogee Charging Solutions auto dealership specialist today!

Offering a Full Line of EV Charging Units

Full Line of EV Charging Units

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a full line of EV chargers to fit every need. From our level 2 home charger to our level 3 DC chargers that offer 20% faster charger than any other charger currently on the market, we have you and your customers covered.

Auto dealerships can install these chargers at their dealerships as well as up-sell their customers with a fully turn-key EV charging solution.

Check out our full line of EV chargers;


Experience Our Noodoe EV Operating System for Auto Dealerships

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