EV Charging Software – Key to Scaling

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It’s not uncommon for building and property owners to install only a few EV charging stations at a time. The software is often only compatible with specific vehicles, usually the ones most commonly driven by employees or residents. This approach will probably work fine in the beginning, but eventually, demand will outpace supply.  

Adding more EV charging stations is only the start. Some other aspects you want to look at include the pricing for electricity, along with energy, driver, and vehicle management. This is where EV charging software plays a critical role. While the EV charging hardware is crucial, it is the software that can streamline your experience, along with electric vehicle drivers.  

EV Charging Station Hardware is Only the Beginning 

Hardware keeps the EV charging station running, but the software keeps it relevant. Software is what allows you to scale. It shows EV drivers where the charging station is located and if it is currently in use. Businesses can also use the software to determine who can use the station and when. For example, employees during business hours and the public on off-hours.  

A good tip to remember is the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, and it is expected to increase as more states restrict the use of fossil fuel vehicles. It will save the business time and money if you have a plan. Make sure to add in the extra electrical capacity needed for yearly increases to your charging network with your initial EV charging station plan. You don’t want to have to dig the parking lot back up when you install additional units.  

The number of charging stations will depend on usage or how many drivers will pull up to your property. Most industry experts recommend using a 4 to 1 ratio for busy facilities. Some software will allow drivers to reserve a spot in line before they arrive. It’s something to consider when you’re looking at EV charging management software. 

We understand you might have more questions after reading this article. This is a new topic and the questions keep pouring in. In this article, What is EV Charing Load Balance?, we walk you through dynamic load balancing, which ensures your charging stations have the electricity to keep up with customer demand and issues you need to take into consideration. 

Use Pricing to Keep EV Charging Stations in Use 

Offering free electricity to EV drivers will bring drivers to your charging stations, but it’s not the best business model.  

Using effective pricing models is an effective way to keep your overhead costs down and the charging stations constantly in use. Charging a flat fee is an option, but it may make more sense to add other fees. A parking fee is one example if a customer leaves the car plugged in longer than needed.  

Whatever business model you work out, EV charging software will help you implement the plan. 

Our charging stations utilize the Noodoe EV operating system which has some of the most advanced user and network management software available on the market today. The Noodoe EV OS offers intelligent energy management, antonymous revenue generation, automatic peak-hour price adjustments, and so much more. You can read more about our operation system here and by watching the video below. To request more information on our state-of-the-art operating system please email [email protected] to request a more in-depth review. 

Only Charge the Vehicles That Need It 

When you have a significant number of EV, drivers need to know their vehicles are charged and ready when they are. EV charging software allows you to prioritize vehicles, so they are ready for drivers. You can also track energy usage and costs enabling you to make any changes if needed.  

Work with a Network of EV Charging Stations 

EV software can work with charging stations at other locations. It can help you expand the EV charging infrastructure for fleets, business owners and customers. Roaming agreements between different charging station networks allow EV drivers to see other charging stations along their route.  

Don’t Forget About the Hardware 

While we focused on EV charging software in this article, you also need to consider the hardware. Having an integrated system, where the hardware and software are designed to work together, minimizes the risk for a system failure.  

When it comes to EV charging stations you want to have both the hardware and software for optimal performance. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about EV charging stations, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a callthat fits your needs by clicking the button below. 

Scaling Can Help Manage Energy Costs 

EV charging hardware has a set cost for energy usage, but it still adds up. EV software is critical for efficient management, whether it’s a large or small property. The software can set pricing to help offset energy costs, and it can also prevent energy spikes during premium times. You can even use the software to install additional charging stations.  

Scaling Helps Keep EV Drivers Happy 

EV charging management software helps keep drivers happy and feeling secure. With the app, they can find charging stations, know how much power is available, and if it is compatible with their vehicle’s hardware. The software app ensures drivers can find your charging stations ensuring that are not sitting idle. 

You might have caught the compatibility phrase. This needs to be a consideration when choosing your EV charging station. Are they compatible with ALL of the current and future EV vehicles hitting the roads? With our EV changers you will be compatible with All current EV vehicles on the road today even Tesla. To speak with one of our EV charging station specialists, just click the button below and schedule a call that fits your needs.  


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