EV Charging Memberships for Mixed-Use Buildings

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You want to get the most out of your EV charging stations. You don’t want to over-charge your customers, but you also don’t want the chargers sitting empty. Whether you own an apartment complex, store, or office building, you want your charging infrastructure to boost your company’s and mixed-use buildings‘ bottom line.  

It’s easy to control who pays for charging with a membership plan. Our EV charging membership allows you to set various rates for users. As part of the Noodoe EV operating system, a membership management plan makes it easy for you to customize your customers’ EV charging experience. 

While there are many EV charging questions we field every day, one of the top questions we receive from businesses is how can I make money from my charging stations? We answer this question and many more in our EV Chargers blog feed.   

Electric Car Charging Memberships for Businesses 

With an electric car charging membership program for your mixed-use building, you can easily control rates and offer perks to employees and visitors. 

Employee VIP Charging 

Start your EV charging membership program with your employees. You can offer free charging during work and discounted rates on their off-time. Their membership automatically locks their preset rates into the charger’s operating system.  

Discounted Charging for Other Employees 

If your company is located in a business park, think about offering discounted rates to those employees. It is a great way to encourage sustainability across the complex, and it helps offset your installation costs.  

Setting up charging memberships for nearby employees encourages them to use your EV chargers. You can entice them with discounted charging rates. The membership program is easy for them to use. Members scan the card downloaded to their phones, see the charging rate and plug their vehicle in.  

Neighbors, Customers, and Visitors 

Are you worried an EV charging membership program for mixed-use buildings will prevent the public from using your infrastructure? Don’t worry. The operating system lets you set the charger for member and non-member charging.  

Non-members pay the full amount to charge their vehicles. You program the rate, and the charger takes care of the rest. You also won’t have to worry about the public finding your EV chargers. Your infrastructure pops up on the EV charging apps.  

Opening your chargers to the public is a great way to offset installation costs and attract new customers to your business. 

Additional EV Charging Membership Programs 

Noodoe offers EV charging membership programs that fit every business model. Gas station owners can create membership programs to entice repeat customers. A car dealership can bundle a membership in a charging program with the purchase of an electric vehicle. Being able to charge at a discounted rate is a great way to encourage car shoppers to buy electric.  

Hospitals can tailor their membership plans to accommodate patients and their visitors. Hotels can also take advantage of EV charging memberships. Whatever your business, you can customize a membership that benefits everyone.  

How Charging Memberships Work for Mixed-Use Buildings 

Members of an EV charging program don’t have to keep track of a plastic card. Instead, their membership number is downloaded to their phone. When they need to charge their EV, they scan their phones. It’s quick and easy, and there are no cards or paperwork to keep track of.  

The digital wallet allows members to deposit money into their charging account. The charging fee is automatically deducted every time they plug their vehicle in. When their account is running low, they can easily add funds.  

Can Non-Members Use the EV Chargers? 

Non-members won’t have a problem using your chargers. They simply pay your preset rate. The chargers accept payment from most apps and credit cards. Once payment is verified, they can plug in and charge their vehicle.  

EV Charging Memberships with Apogee Charging Solutions

Electric vehicle sales are increasing, and the trend is expected to continue. With more drivers looking for charging infrastructure, now is the time to start thinking about maximizing your resources. By offering an EV charging membership, you can give employees and visitors the VIP treatment and still benefit from offering public chargers.  

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