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Over 80% of the US now live in cities, and a large majority of electric vehicles are being sold in or near urban areas. Municipalities have the currently unrealized potential to lead the EV charging market in the US. As the number of electric vehicles grow, the need for a municipality wide charging infrastructure increases. With Apogee Charging Solutions, municipalities now have a turn-key feasible EV charging solution that is fully customizable to your needs. Don’t wait to start your EV charging discussion. Join the EVolution today by scheduling a call with one of our EV charging specialists dedicated to government projects.

Benefits of EV Charger for Municipalities

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Attract Desirable Consumers

In today’s market attracting desirable consumers and citizens is the main goal of most municipalities. Consumers want to be able to charge their electric
vehicles, where they work, live, and play, and EV chargers for municipalities offer the key.

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Demographic Shifts

A recent study has predicted that by 2050, two thirds of the worlds population will live in or around urban areas. With this massive shift in demographics city leaders need consider their mobility and fueling infrastructure before they are overwhelmed with needed change.

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Contribute to Transportation

Transportation both public and private are the largest contributors to green house gas omissions, and expert agree that the fuel choice of the future will be electrification. Municipalities that join the EVolution today will be set for the future of transportation.

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Take Advantage of Incentives

With the increase in federal, state, and utility incentives, EV charging for municipalities has never been more possible! EV charging has now become an even more cost-effective investment than almost all other urban renewal projects.

Take Control of the Future

As the electric vehicle market grows, it gives cities and towns the chance to market themselves as leaders in sustainability and green initiatives. The future is most certainly electrified and urban areas who take advantage now, can place themselves at the forefront of the EVolution. By placing EV chargers in your cities and towns, communities can provide a valuable, monetizable service to their residents and visitors. We have even seen how EV charging stations can offer a jump start to revitalization efforts. Don’t wait until the surrounding municipalities are to far ahead to catch up. Take control of your communities future by contacting Apogee Charging Solutions today!

Innovate with Smart EV Charging

Business basics still apply to investing in EV chargers. Their are many benefits to innovating your municipalities with smart EV charging. Did you know it can be more cost-effective to buy and install EV charging stations than other large-scale projects? Municipalities can now achieve their sustainability goals, innovate with new technologies, all while starting a new lucrative revenue stream. With Apogee Charging Solutions you have a fully turn-key urban solution that also boasts the most advanced EV charging operating system on the market today. With a city wide charging infrastructure, you need an OS with intelligent energy management, that automates where possible, streamlines billing, and that offers automatic infrastructure diagnostics. Innovating with smart EV chargers just got a lot easier with Apogee Charging Solutions.

Your EV Charging Experience

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eBook - 5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest In EV Charging - Additional Information5 Questions to Ask Before You Invest In EV Charging
If you are thinking about investing in an EV charging infrastructure, now is the time. The market is rapidly expanding, and there are plenty of incentives to take advantage of. There are many benefits to installing EV charging stations; you can attract new customers to your business, it helps with employee retention, or you can increase the property value of your multifamily dwellings. We are rapidly entering the phase where the benefits out way the costs associated with product purchase and installation.

In our eBook, we’ll review the top 5 questions we recommend reviewing before making a final EV charger investment decision!

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