EV Charging Payment Rates – What to Charge for Charging

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Charging EV drivers a fee when they plug into one of your units gives you an additional revenue stream and can also help offset installation and maintenance costs. However, chances are you have plenty of questions. How do you charge drivers? Can you control the pricing? What about ways to incentivize charging at your business?

These are only a few common questions operators and owners have about charging drivers to charge their electric vehicles. Thankfully, we have the answers, and it starts with running our EV OS.

Which Measurement Do I Use for Pricing?

Our EV OS is the heart of your charging station. Along with running the unit, the operating system also allows for setting charging rates based on one of two measurements. You can charge drivers by the kilowatt hour or length of the charging session.

What are the Average EV Charging Payment Rates?

You want your charging rates to be comparable to other locations. Having competitive rates can help drive EVs to your charging stations. Your location plays a role in EV charging rates. For example, charging an electric vehicle in San Francisco is typically more expensive than in St. Louis. If you have questions about charging payment rates, contact us for advice.

To learn more about the other solutions built into our EV operating system, check out EV Charging OS – Access Codes, as well as EV Charging OS – Dynamic Load Management

Can Charging Rates Change Throughout the Day?

Setting charging rates often means different prices throughout the day, and our EV OS has onboard features to simplify the process. You can set higher prices during peak energy usage hours and offer discounts on the weekend. After setting the pricing schedule, you can walk away. The operating system takes care of the rest.

What About Offering Discounts and Deals?

The EV OS Microservices Library makes it easy to offer flexible pricing using a variety of tools.

Discount Code

Discount codes are nothing new, businesses offer them to customers for a variety of reasons. You can do the same with your chargers by using Discount Codes. Print the code at the bottom of a receipt or send it as part of your marketing campaign. It can help drive consumers to your location.

Access Code

An access code works similarly to a wi-fi password. Consumers, employees, and guests can use the code to access the charger. The operating system makes it easy for you to change the code as necessary. Change it daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Voucher Code

Voucher codes are single-use and good for one charging session. You can hand out voucher codes during sales or at networking events. The codes expire after twelve hours, so ensure EV drivers know they have a limited amount of time to charge their vehicles.

Can You Control Who Has Access to the Chargers?

The User Management System allows drivers to create profiles. The profiles are stored in the Noodoe app, giving them access to the chargers. Anyone without a profile will not be able to access the chargers. It’s an effective system in multi-family dwellings or when you want to limit charging access to only employees.

The Bottom Line

Setting charging rates is easy with our EV OS. It streamlines everything from EV charging payment rates to who has access to the units. Contact us today with any questions or if you need assistance setting-up access and charging rates.

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