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When you look inside various EV smart chargers, you’ll see a difference in their digital management systems. It’s the system operating the charger, and the codes are not always the same. It can make a difference when you’re choosing an EV charging management system.

Even if you’re familiar with the basics, it still pays to know all of the system’s features. Sometimes, it’s the ones you aren’t aware of that become the features you can’t live without.

Noodoe EV OS is a cloud-based operating system. Its design makes owning and operating EV chargers a straightforward process whether you have one or multiple units. Noodoe EV OS has a robust digital management system that offers plenty of features you may not have heard about.

EV Charging for Everyone

Some electric vehicle charging station platforms require drivers to download a payment app before they plug their EV into the charger. Others can only be used by members. The chargers are not open to the public. It’s frustrating for non-member drivers, and as an operator, you are losing business. Noodoe’s EV charging station management system works for everyone. Drivers scan a QR code from their phones and start charging their vehicles. They can even receive alerts letting them know their vehicle is ready to go.

Automatic Peak-Hour Pricing

Energy rates usually fluctuate during the day with some hours priced higher than others. To keep costs below energy usage, Noodoe has a handy feature. The EV charging management system automatically adjusts charging rates to match peak-hour pricing. You set the price and times, and the system does the rest.

Occupancy Charge

EV drivers often plug their vehicles in and walk away. It’s not an issue when it’s a home charger, but it is at a public one. Other drivers aren’t able to use your chargers, and it means you are losing revenue. You don’t want to tow your customer’s vehicle, but you can charge them an occupancy fee.

The Noodoe infrastructure allows you to set limits on charging times. When the time limit has elapsed, the driver’s account is charged an extra fee. You can set a grace period, giving drivers time to get back to their vehicles before the fees kick in.

Load Balancing

Power grids differ, and not all can support EV charging infrastructure. It’s a problem when you want to install multiple chargers on the property. Noodoe takes care of this issue with its load balancing feature.

You do not need to pay for expensive electrical upgrades, instead, the load management system divides the available power between the chargers. You can install several chargers even if your power grid isn’t designed to support EV technology.

Did you know we have an entire blog that offers an in-depth look at Load Balancing and how our EV operating system helps you Load Manage multiple EV chargers? Learn the answers to all of your EV charging questions by visiting our EV charging blog feed.

Multiple Billing Options for Your EV Chargers

Several EV charging management systems only accept one method of payment, usually from a QR code or credit card. Noodoe takes it further by accepting multiple forms of payments. Drivers can choose which one is easiest for them.

Employee vs Customer Fees

Businesses often offer free charging as a benefit to their employees, but companies can still realize a profit. Noodoe EV OS allows owners to program the infrastructure for free charging to members and setting a fee for visitors.

EV Charging Codes

Not all codes are the same when it comes to EV charging infrastructure, and Noodoe has several to use in various situations.

Codes for Charging

These codes work similarly to a Wi-Fi password. You can set the charger to only function for drivers with the code. You can change the password at any time and update your drivers. These codes also make it easier to track usage.

Voucher Codes

Voucher codes are like digital coupons, good for one-time use. Drivers can use the voucher for a free charge, and you can even set an expiration date. Voucher codes are a great way to reward customers and drive new business to your chargers.

Discount Codes

Some businesses give their customers validated parking vouchers or discounts on the associated pay parking lots. Discount codes for EV chargers work the same way. Your customers can use the codes to discount their charging rates. It’s another way you can reward your clients for their business.

Summing Up Your EV Charger Experience

With Apogee Charging Solutions and our Noodoe EV chargers, you get a complete electric vehicle charging station platform. Along with automated features and discount codes, you also get a hands-free EV charging infrastructure.

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