EV Charging Payment Methods – How Do Customers Pay for Their Charging?

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The growing popularity of EVs is driving the demand for convenient charging options. Not only do EV drivers want chargers in public and private locations, but they also want it to be easy to pay for EV charging.

Thankfully, today’s chargers come with advanced technology that not only allows for connectivity but also offers multiple payment methods. Let’s take a look at the various payment methods for EV charging.

EV Charging Payment Methods

EV charger payment hardware gives drivers a variety of cashless options ranging from mobile apps and cards to codes and tap-to-pay.

Mobile Payment Applications

Several EV charging networks allow customers to pay for EV charging through a dedicated app. The app makes it easy to pay at the charging station. The driver sets up a payment method and the charging fee is processed, and drivers can charge their vehicles.

Using an app to pay for EV charging is convenient for unit operators and drivers. Everyone can easily keep track of their finances. However, consumers do need to spend a few minutes downloading the app that is specific to the charger’s network and setting up their payment options.

RFID Cards

Some EV charging networks use a specific RFID card typically issued by the owner or operator of the station. Cardholders upload funds to pay for their charging sessions. The process is similar to prepaid credit cards. With the card, EV drivers can access any charger in the network.

RFID cards are not only a way to make payment simple for employees, students, and residents in multifamily dwellings. Private entities like fleet operators can use RFID cards. The cards ensure that only authorized fleet vehicles are accessing the chargers. It also eliminates the need for drivers to use their smartphones to charge a company vehicle.

Our operating system was designed for ease of use for both EV charger owners and their drivers. When selecting an EV charging network, owners will want to consider how their EV drives will utilize their chargers. We have a blog to help you out. Read, EV Charging FAQ for Drivers.

Contactless Payments

If you want to eliminate hardware like credit card readers, contactless payments may be the solution. The payment method often uses QR codes that drivers scan and follow the prompts on the app.

This payment method for EV charging does not require a network-specific subscription or an app download. Instead, EV drivers are using the equivalent of an e-wallet to pay for their charging sessions.

EV Charging Payment Methods Simplified

Our EV charging operating system simplifies charging payment methods. It eliminates the need for hardware, apps, and subscriptions. Using contactless payment, EV drivers only need to use their smartphones to access convenient charging stations.

It works by scanning a QR code and selecting a payment method. From there, EV drivers can start immediately charging. It’s a fast, easy, and convenient payment solution.

Contactless payments also simplify things for charging station owners and managers. They do not have to worry about tracking cards, managing apps, and ensuring the hardware is functioning optimally. Our EV OS ensure everything is working properly.

Talk to Us About EV Charging Payment Methods

EV charger station owners and operators can choose from several payment methods including, apple Pay, Google Payments, all major credit cards and other customizable payment options. Our operating system provides user convenience with straightforward payment methods.

Contact us today to learn more about the various payment methods for EV charging. Call 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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