EV Charging Operating System – Dynamic Load Management

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Electrical upgrades are often necessary when you are installing EV charging stations. The upgrades are time-consuming, expensive, and can disrupt daily operations. Hardware-based solutions are one option to balance electrical demands across the chargers, but there is another option. As the national distributor and installer of Noodoe EV chargers we offer a flexible and future-proof solution that evolves with your changing electrical needs.

The Noodoe EV OS Load Management App helps to ensure smooth power management using innovative software. You can download the app in the Noodoe Applications Library.

What is the Noodoe Applications Library?

The Noodoe apps library integrates seamlessly with the Noodoe management platform (Noodoe EV OS). You can add a subscription to the app’s library, giving you access to a range of flexible and powerful tools which optimize EV charging management.

The load management app balances energy usage between the chargers based on the charging rate of the connected electric vehicles. Best of all, the load management system is autonomous!

  • The app uses smart technology to monitor chargers and balance the electrical load.
  • Ensures electrical usage and output remain in the safe zone.
  • Helps to eliminate the need for electrical upgrades.
  • Does not require additional electrical wiring.
  • Optimizes power usage while also preventing overloading when multiple EV chargers are being used simultaneously.
  • Flexible implementation.

Our Noodoe EV operating system offers one of the most advanced EV charging OS on the market today. You can run automatic charging points at multiple locations with the click of a button. Learn more here!

Do You Need Dynamic Load Management?

More and more restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and rest areas are offering EV charging for their customers. The charging stations help to attract business and also place your company on the electric vehicle driving map. Businesses with customer-accessible EV charging stations will want to look at load management strategies.

When is Load Management Crucial?

The number of EV chargers at a location depends on the power grid’s capacity and location. For example, a site with 160A available electrical power can support up to four 32A charging stations. It allows for a 20 percent safety buffer to prevent system overloads.

Installing additional chargers requires an upgrade from the utility provider. It is expensive and time-consuming, but there is another option.  Using Noodoe’s load management app, you can balance energy usage. It allows you to install additional chargers without expensive electrical upgrades.

How Does a Load Management System Work?

Let’s take a look at how a load management system allows you to install additional EV chargers without expensive upgrades.

Managing the Electrical Flow

Using the above example of an available 160 amps of power, you can support four EV chargers with a full power load. It means four vehicles can charge simultaneously without experiencing a decrease in the electrical flow.

However, locations using Noodoe’s load management app can install additional chargers. The app recalculates the electrical output for each charger currently in use. By adjusting the power from 32 amps to 26 amps, you stay within the safety limits of the electric panel.

The load management app continues adjusting electrical power for every charger in use. It ensures the power output stays within the grid’s limit of 160 amps.

When a vehicle is finished charging, the load management app automatically diverts power to the remaining chargers in use.

How to Take Advantage of Dynamic Load Management

It’s easy to take advantage of our load management app. Whether you have questions about the EV charging requirements or want to learn more about our dynamic load management software, contact Apogee Charging Solutions today to find out how we can help! Call 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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