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EV charging will be a major revenue source for many businesses, while others offer it as a perk to their employees and customers. Providing EV charging as an amenity can attract customers but you want the process to be seamless for drivers and charger operators. Providing EV drivers with a free access code simplifies the charging process, especially with access codes provided by our EV OS Microservices Library.

What is the Noodoe EV Charging Operating System

As the national distributor and installer of the Noodoe EV charging line, our EV charging operating system seamlessly integrates the functions in the Noodoe Microservices Library. The library contains a host of flexible and powerful tools that simplify and optimize EV charger management. One of the library’s tools is the access codes that allow managers to turn their EV chargers into marketing tools.

Our Microservices Library also includes or Dynamic Load Management service. To read more about Dynamic Load Management or Load Balancing, click here!

How to Take Advantage of Access Codes

Access codes for EV charging allow drivers to input a series of numbers to activate the charger. Charger managers can change the access codes at any time and even assign codes to specific chargers.

Implementing the access codes is easy. It only takes a few steps.

  • Open the Site Management function in the Noodoe EV OS
  • Define the access code and give it a label to avoid confusion

The operating system handles up to ten charging codes at a time, giving you plenty of options. After setting up the access codes, the last step is getting them to your customers.

How you give customers, employees, and VIP guests access codes often depends on the type of business. Hotels can consider providing the code during check-in or include the perk with the room key, similar to how the Wi-Fi password is dispensed to guests.

Other businesses may want to include an EV charging access code with a welcome package or give it out during a Black Friday Sale.

Drive Business with EV Charging Access Codes

Offering access codes is an effective way to drive business and improve brand loyalty. The access codes can make customers feel appreciated, while also showing your business’s commitment to a greener future.

Businesses can give access codes to customers during sales or first-time visitors. Hotels may want to offer free charging to their guests that stay more than one night.

Including a mention of EV charging access codes in an advertising campaign can grab consumers’ attention, making them more likely to visit your business. The codes can also help mitigate range anxiety. Some consumers may worry your business is too far for their EV but offering free charging gives them peace of mind knowing they can make the drive back home.

Contact Us to Learn More About Access Codes for EV Charging

Our EV OS Microservices Library takes the hassle out of creating and implementing access codes. The operating system works seamlessly with your existing charging infrastructure and it’s a breeze for owners and operators to navigate.

To learn more about how access codes can help drive business, contact us today. Call 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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