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Businesses are discovering EV chargers present several great marketing opportunities. The charging stations encourage EV drivers to choose your business over a nearby competitor. EV chargers also indicate your company is committed to the environment, and it is something more and more consumers are looking for in businesses they support.

Did you know EV chargers can also bring in revenue, while attracting consumers? By using the same approach with discount codes as retail stores, you can inspire brand loyalty and incentivize your customers shopping habits. Best of all, our OS works with EV charging discount codes.

EV Charging Payment Options

Apogee Charging Solutions is making it easy for businesses to customize their EV charging payment options with our easy-to-use operating system. The management platform works seamlessly with all apps from the OS library.

Adding access to the App Library to your EV OS subscription is worth the nominal fee. It gives you a variety of flexible and powerful solutions that will help you optimize the management of your EV charging stations. The EV charging discount codes help increase business and customer loyalty.

How to Use EV Charging Discount Codes

EV charger payments should be easy and convenient for drivers, even when they are applying a discount code. With our Discount Code App, you can set everything up so your customers don’t have to.

The discount code app is simple to set up. It only takes three steps.

  1. Give the discount code a name and description and select the amount of the discount
  2. Set a beginning and ending date for the discount code
  3. Choose how many times the customer can use the discount code.

Your next step is marketing your EV charger discount code. An email marketing campaign is effective, along with advertising in the store. Flyers by the doors and checkout counters is a good way to get the message out.

Did you know we have an extended service management team? What does this mean? For organizations and businesses who don’t have the time of staff to manage their EV charging network, we have a team that can manage it for you! That includes creating and setting up discount codes. To schedule a call with one of our EV charger experts, click the button below and select a time that fits your needs.

EV Charger Payments and Discount Codes

EV chargers with our OS offer customers a variety of ways to pay that include using discount codes. Being able to pay less to charge their EV is an effective way to build customer loyalty.

It can also generate free advertising as your customers tell their family and friends about your EV chargers.

You can even add a personalized message on the discount code encouraging EV drivers to continue doing their part for the planet.

Are your ready to set up EV charging discount codes? With our Apps Library, you can create discount codes for any occasion. Let new customers charge for free on their first visit. Longtime customers can charge their EVs at a discounted rate.

Ready to learn more about EV charging for your business?  Apogee Charging Solutions offers national fully turn-key EV charging solutions customized to fit our clients’ specific needs.  Contact us today and learn how we can help, by calling 484-816-2076, or emailing [email protected].


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