Electric Vehicle Logistics – Moving Fleets into The Future

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Greenhouse gas (GHG) is something everyone is starting to pay attention to, including the transportation industry. Medium and heavy-duty trucks made up almost a quarter of GHG emissions in 2019. Add in the rest of the transportation industry, and it accounts for 30% of GHG pollution.

Things are changing, faster than most industry experts expected. Soon, electric delivery vans and trucks will be the new normal. The future is electric vehicle logistics, and we hope you’re ready.

Are Companies Ready for Electric Fleets?

Electric vehicles for long-haul trucking aren’t feasible yet in the United States. A shortage of charging stations at truck stops means drivers can’t recharge their batteries as needed.

It doesn’t mean businesses aren’t working towards a sustainable future, only that they are concentrating on EV logistics for short, in-town deliveries. Companies can arrange the routes to ensure drivers can complete their deliveries on a single charge. Since the electric vehicles stay in-house, they can charge overnight.

To ensure all vehicles get the electrical current they need, most companies are working with an external provider. With the software that comes with a partnership, businesses won’t need to worry if every vehicle is getting the power they need.

For fleet managers worried about charging a larger number of vehicles and making sure every vehicle gets charged overnight, our EV charger operating system does the hard work for you. With Load Balancing, there is no need to move your vehicles the OS moves the electricity for you. Find out more here.

What is the Delivery Range for Electric Trucks?

Running out of power is the primary reason companies are hesitant to transition to electric vehicles. Known as range anxiety, businesses should know the distance EVs can cover is constantly increasing. The improvements in range and other EV technology have some of the largest businesses committing to an all-electric fleet. Some of these companies include Amazon, FedEx, and UPS.

Electric Delivery Trucks

The above companies aren’t the only ones embracing electric logistics. Here’s a look at five other businesses.


Volvo is not new to electric trucking. They have been using EVs in Europe for several years and are now entering the U.S. market. The company manufacturers three electric vehicle models, the FH, FM, and FMX. Each model has a range of 185km and can store up to 490W of power. They also have three other models with varying ranges.

In the United States, Quality Custom Distribution is committed to leasing 14 of the company’s electric delivery vehicles.


The car manufacturer plans on offering electric vehicles in all of their main sales areas by 2022, in the light, medium, and heavy-duty categories. As of right now, they only offer a light-duty model in the U.S.

Electric Delivery Vans

Electric delivery vans are set to be extremely popular in the next few years. With Amazon planning a roll out of 100,000 electrical vans by 2030, you can expect to start seeing these EV vans for last-mile deliveries.


Rivian is responsible for Amazon’s custom-made delivery vans. The online marketplace giant commits to transitioning to an all-electric delivery fleet by 2030. With an order placed for 100,000 electric delivery vans, Amazon is on its way to meet its goal.

Amazon is the only U.S. company currently placing orders, but that is to change in the coming months and years.


The car manufacturer has released the Brightdrop EV600. The electric delivery van has a range of to 250 miles and is expected to be released in 2021. Currently, 500 of the EVs are preordered.

FedEx is the buyer of the first 500 vans as they start electrifying their U.S. and Canadian fleets.


A new company entering the EV delivery market is Arrival. The UK startup player is working on their first electric delivery vans with an expected range of around 150 miles. UPS has a say in the EVs design, which makes sense since they are the company’s first customer.

UPS has ordered 10,000 electric delivery vans as they start transitioning from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to EVs.

EV Logistics is Here

Electric vehicle logistics isn’t in the near future, it is already here. Companies like Arrival and Rivian are rethinking how we look at EVs and deliveries. Legacy companies are also releasing their electric vehicles, so expect to see more of them on the road. With infrastructure improving, we will soon be enjoying quieter streets and cleaner air.

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