Broken Charging Stations Add to EV Range Anxiety

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One of the main factors holding consumers back from converting over to electric vehicles is the availability of public charging stations available for long driving trips. There are numerous apps and websites EV drivers can use when they need to make a pit stop, but what happens when some of the EV chargers at the stations aren’t working? This was the experience of EV driver Matt Hirsch who began leasing a Hyundai Ioniq in 2020. He meticulously planned a road trip to a family members house ensuring he had places to stop along the way for a charge only for the one charging station he went to was out of order. These types of situations only add to the anxiety of EV range for drivers.

There can be numerous ways a charging station can go out of service. If an EV charging station is not properly managed it can cause lots of software and mechanical issues for drivers. Such as broken plugs or cables, issues with the electric and utilities, or lack of internet connection that could cause issues with drivers making payments. Drivers can also cause some of these issues by being too rough with the charging ports and cables while charging.

Noodoe EV smart charging offers an operating system with self-diagnostics to ensure the repair process is smoother to ensure the charging stations is back to use quickly. Our infrastructure has an automated diagnostic, alert, and self-recovery system cuts down on the amount of maintenance needed on the charging stations. This operating system works perfectly for multi-site managers as well. Contact Apogee Charging Solutions or schedule a call to discuss our EV Charging Network Management.

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