The Benefits of EV Smart Charging

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EV chargers may have a brief history, but there have been plenty of advancements in a short period of time. The technology started as dumb chargers, and quickly advancing to EV smart charging infrastructure. While you don’t need to know the complete history of EV charging, as a service provider you want to stay up to date with the latest advancements. It’s the best way for you to stay ahead of the competition.

The First Generation of EV Chargers

The first generations of chargers are pretty simple. Drivers plug their vehicles in and wait for their batteries to charge. Charging with this infrastructure can take several hours since fast EV chargers were not on the market.

Owners of these chargers cannot set fees, and most are not open for public use. These are known as dumb chargers since they are missing most of the features that come with modern charging infrastructure.

The Second Generation of EV Chargers

The second generation is closer to an EV smart charger, but you are still missing most of the connectivity you get with the modern infrastructure. Infrastructure owners can start charging EV drivers for electricity usage. The chargers come with card readers that track each driver’s usage. While still not an EV smart charger, this generation is a step up from the previous one.

The Third Generation of EV Chargers

The third generation introduces smart EV charging, especially models with Noodoe EV OS. EV drivers can take advantage of the multiple payment options. They also receive alerts when the battery is fully charged. Drivers can even track their electricity usage through a convenient app.

EV charging operators have complete control of their units. They can track and organize data from one or multiple chargers and control who uses the chargers. Charging fees can be set for members and the general public. Smart EV chargers put the operator in control, allowing them to see an earlier profit from their investment.

Benefits of Smart EV Charging

EV smart charging comes with several benefits, here are a few drivers and operators can expect to see.


Smart EV chargers make it easy for drivers and providers to pay and receive payments. Drivers can pay with an app or credit card, and the fees are directly deposited into the provider’s account. Payments are prompt and secure, and the charger keeps track of all of the payment data.

Did you know that with the Noodoe EV OS you can except all major credit cards as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Plus, as a little surprise coming in 2022, you will also be able to except Venmo and Pay Pal. To keep up to date with all of our coming advancements, sign up for our EV newsletter. To learn more about our sending practices and privacy policies, check out this blog The EV Action Report – Your Monthly Electric Vehicle Newsletter.

No App Needed

Noodoe EV and similar chargers do not require a membership or app for use. Drivers can pull up to any EV smart charging station and scan a QR code from their phones. If they want to track their charging, they can download the app, but it’s not necessary to plugin and charge.

Self-Diagnostic Capabilities

EV charger providers do not have to worry if their stations are functioning optimally. Smart EV chargers automatically perform self-diagnostic tests. The stations also try to fix any issues internally, so you don’t need to hire extra personnel. The goal of smart EV chargers is to limit your maintenance costs.

Centralized Data

Noodeo EV OS and other smart chargers are cloud-based. All of the information from multiple chargers is conveniently stored in one place. An easy-to-navigate dashboard allows you to track everything from usage and payments to which charger is most frequently in use. You have all of the data at your fingertips without having to use an outside source.

Additional Features

EV smart chargers come with additional features that include smart load balancing for multiple stations. Providers can set different charging rates for drivers and manage any members. It’s always a good idea to ask about the additional features.

Summing Up EV Smart Charging

In a relatively short time, we’ve gone from dumb to smart EV charging. EV smart chargers are connected to the cloud and come with all of the advantages it offers. Drivers get features that make charging a breeze. Service providers can easily track everything from payments to energy usage on-site. It only makes sense to install EV smart chargers and bypass the previous generations.

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