EV Charger Operating System for Multisite Management

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If you only own one commercial property, managing your EV charging network is pretty straightforward. You can track the system from any connected device and easily manage the data.

What about multiple commercial property owners? Installing EV chargers across an array of locations comes with concerns. How do you manage the chargers and keep them operating? Some businesses have teams that monitor the chargers at each location, other organizations use an EV charger operating system like our Noodoe EV OS.

Managing EV Chargers for Commercial Properties

A scalable EV charging network starts with autonomy. You don’t have the time to manage the network, especially if you have sites in multiple states or countries. A charging station management system (CSMS) takes care of the network so you can focus on business.

Easy Payment Management

An automated commercial EV charging system makes managing your chargers a breeze. Turning businesses into charging network operators (CNOs) means you need to be able to track, accept, and deposit payments. The operating systems take care of this, including allowing your site managers to adjust pricing. You can respond to peak charging times and ensure the price is reflected on the EV chargers.

Automatically Diagnosis and Repairs

Traveling around to your commercial properties every time a charger has a problem isn’t feasible. It’s also not necessary with the Noodoe EV OS. The EV charger operating system automatically diagnosis problems and resolves the issues on site. Your customers won’t pull up to a non-functioning charger. The operating system also eliminates the need to keep repair personnel on the payroll.

There are always a lot of EV charger operating system questions, and while this article gives you a basic overview for multisite owners you probably have additional questions. You can review our knowledge-based EV charger blog feed, or you can schedule a call with one of our EV charger specialists by clicking the button below.

Easy Navigation for Charging Network Operators

Keeping your chargers organized and functioning across multiple sites is easy with our Noodoe EV OS. You have complete control of the chargers even if they have different uses.

One Account for Simple Control

The Noodoe EV OS comes with a master account. It centralizes your multi-site chargers, organizing the data in one place. Only one manager is necessary to keep your EV chargers functioning optimally at all of your locations.

From the master account, you can make changes to the chargers programs and easily send a repair team without having to log into separate accounts. Some of the other functions include adjusting charging prices, along with adding payment methods, perks, and occupancy fees to name a few.

Remote Control of Your EV Chargers

Your master account makes it easy to keep your customers satisfied whether you are onsite or away. The account comes with tools like remote start and stop charging sessions, and it can also reboot your infrastructure or put it into maintenance mode. You can select a single charger of the infrastructure at a specific location.

Multisite EV Charger Management with Apogee Charging Solutions

With an EV charger operating system like our Noodoe EV OS, you have the tools necessary to manage your chargers across multiple locations. You get a master account for easy control with an intuitive interface.

Becoming a charging network operator is easy when businesses partner with Apogee Charging Solutions and take advantage of our EV charger operating systems. To speak with one of our EV charging specialists call 484-816-2076, or email [email protected].


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