Electric Vehicle Range – Things Are Changing

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Electric vehicle range is a concern for drivers. They worry they won’t make it to their destination without having to stop and find a charging station.

EV range has dramatically improved in recent years. Now, some EVs can go around 234 miles on a single charge. It’s a significant improvement compared to their average of 68 miles in 2011. Electric car sales are increasing as a result of their improved range. Charging networks and their technology are also advancing at a rapid pace, making it even easier for EV drivers to keep their cars charged.

EV Range – What’s the Right Amount?

Most EV drivers agree more range is better? It helps ensure drivers their electric vehicle will get them to their destination. But how much range do you actually need? The right amount of range depends on the distance you average per week.

Americans on average cover 400 miles per week, making the numbers around 1,200 a month and 14,263 miles annually. It gives you a good idea of the average range you need from an electric car.

How Much EV Range Is Enough On a Single Charge?

The EV market is expanding with more automakers releasing new models. Unlike a decade ago, you have plenty of options. The number of electric vehicle models is also increasing, with the majority of automobile manufacturers planning on only offering EVs by 2030.

But, what about EV range? Can electric vehicles compete with fossil-fuel-powered automobiles?

Advancements in technology and growing competition among auto manufacturers are making it possible for EV range to close in on gas-powered cars. Some higher-priced EVs currently boasts an estimated range of 500 miles per charge, and budget-friendly models aren’t far behind.

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy states that the median range of all EVs for lease or sale in the United States is over 250 miles per charge. Compare this to the average 470 mpg with most traditional vehicles, and you can see EVs are becoming more competitive.

For EV drivers that have charging questions we suggest checking out our FAQ articles. We have an entire blog dedicated to answering EV Charging FAQ for Drivers! Plus we have other FAQ blogs that you can check out as well.

What Can You Do with a Fully Charged EV?

We noted earlier that the average US driver covers around 400 miles per week. This range covers work commutes, along with daily and weekly errands. While the top-priced EVs can give you around 500 miles on a single charge, more affordable models still give you around 250 miles.

To keep pace with traditional vehicles, you only need to charge your EV twice a week to get the same range. With a home EV charging station, you may never need to stop to top off your battery, meaning no more trips to the gas station.

EV Charging vs Filling Up at the Pump

How often drivers fuel up their traditional gas vehicle varies. Some people only need to visit the gas station every two weeks, while other drivers fuel up more frequently. Regardless of how often drivers refuel, they still need to make it to the gas station.

EV drivers often charge their vehicles overnight at home or during other downtimes. Offices, restaurants, and shopping malls are also starting to offer EV charging to their employees, customers, and visitors. They can top off their batteries while they work, eat, or shop.

Charging networks are also becoming more robust and can support drivers’ preferences. Keeping your EV charged is now similar to how you charge your smartphone. Most smartphone users keep their batteries around 40-50%, giving their batteries a boost throughout the day. EV drivers can do the same with their electric vehicles further increasing their range.

The Bottom Line

Over the past ten years, the selection and range of electric vehicles have significantly increased. EV range has gone from a mere 68 miles per charge to enough to get most drivers through the week. Add in the growing number of charging stations and advancements in technology, and electric vehicle range is close to what you get from traditional automobiles.

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