Enabling Electric Vehicle Charging for Condominiums

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In 2021, J.D. Power conducted a study on where EV drivers are most likely to charge their vehicles. The results aren’t surprising, most drivers always or mostly charge their electric vehicles at home. It’s something owners of multi-unit complexes should consider if they want to retain and attract desirable tenants.

Another reason to add EV chargers for multi-unit dwellings is the boost in revenue. Drivers pay for the electrical charge adding more revenue to the business.

Benefits of Adding EV Charging to Condo Complexes

Enabling electric vehicle charging for condominiums comes with multiple benefits. You can retain current tenants and attract new ones.

EV chargers for multi-unit dwellings also increase annual revenue. Drivers pay for the charging which helps offset electrical and infrastructure costs. Adding EV chargers may also come with state and federal rebates. It varies by state, but you can find significant savings to help offset installation costs.

Develop EV Charging with an Automated System

Condo EV charging is different from a single dwelling in one way. You need to install more than one charging station to keep all of your tenants happy. With an automated system, you can relax knowing the software is managing the chargers.

Having autonomous management optimizes your EV charging stations. Condo residents can charge the electric vehicles as needed without worrying about the station’s performance. The software takes care of the maintenance, along with load balancing, ensuring every station is working and ready for a tenant to pull up.

What can you expect from an automated EV charging system? Here’s what you should expect.

  • In-depth reports on each charging station, and the system as a whole.
  • Diagnostics in real-time. You instantly know if there is an issue with one of the charging stations.
  • Self-recovery is key to the success of your EV infrastructure. When the system recovers without help, you save time and money. You won’t need to pay for outside maintenance, and tenants can continue to charge their vehicles without interruption.

EV charging software is a major component to operating a successful EV charging network. With our advanced operating system you will see advantages like, intelligent energy management, autonomous revenue generation, automatic fund transfer and so much more. Check out our blog, EV Charging Software – Key to Scaling for a more in-depth look.

You Have Control of the EV Charging Stations

With condo EV charging, you want to have control over the stations and an automated system is the best way to do it. The software will automatically change pricing during peak hours. Tenants pay more to help offset the higher utility rates.

You can also centralize payments from the chargers having them sent directly to one bank account. You instantly know how much each EV station is earning. The automated system also comes with a central dashboard. You can keep track of every station, even ones on different properties.

Automatic Load Balancing

With our automated system, it’s easier and more cost-effective to install additional chargers. You won’t need to update the multi-unit dwelling’s electrical panel to install up to 4x as many EV chargers. Tenants won’t have to wait or worry about being able to charge their EVs.

How the system allows for additional charging stations without expensive electrical upgrades is simple. The automated system balances the load. It means that only the EVs that need a charge will receive electrical power to their station. The other stations transfer their power to the ones that need it.

This might sound to simple, and some of you might want a more in-depth look at load balancing. Not to worry, we have an entire blog dedicated to the topic. Find out more in, What is EV Charger Load Balancing?

Tailored for Your Condo EV Charging Needs

Our automated EV charging system keeps everything simple. Everyone living and working at the complex can charge their electric vehicles as needed.

The system can issue virtual memberships to tenants, allowing you to track energy usage. You can see which stations receive the most business and adjust the load balance accordingly.

You even have the option of making your EV charging stations private or public. With private stations, only members can charge their vehicles. They always know a charging station will be open, but you may be losing out on potential revenue.

With our automated EV charging system, you can designate when non-members can charge their vehicles if you decide to open them to the public. You get the extra revenue, and tenants know when the stations are busy. The system also lets you adjust charging rates for members and the public.

EV Charging with Apogee Charging Solutions

Enabling electric vehicle charging for condominiums makes sense. More drivers are choosing electric vehicles over gas-powered ones every day. Adding EV charging stations ensures you retain tenants and attract new ones to the complex.

Managing multiple charging stations isn’t easy, but our automated system takes care of most of the details for you. You can monitor energy usage, adjust pricing, and even install additional stations without expensive upgrades to the complex.

To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about EV charging stations, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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