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Apogee Charging Solutions offers a full range of Noodoe EV chargers. From level 2 home chargers, and commercial grade AC chargers, to a full line of DC fast chargers, all of which come with the Noodoe EV OS. As a national distributor and installer of EV chargers, we have seen and heard it all. Below we have compiled the most common FAQ about EV chargers.

What is the Difference Between AC and DC charging?

AC or level 2 charging units are ideal for home use and at other establishments where drivers leave their vehicles plugged in for at least a few hours (think office complexes and HOA). DC or level 3 chargers are faster than units using an alternating current (AC).

The chargers are separated by the number of kilowatts (KW) they deliver to EVs per hour. DC level 3 chargers are capable of charging electric vehicles in less than an hour and are often found at roadside locations (think gas stations, rest stops, and retail locations).

What is the Installation Cost Associated with a Level 2 EV Charger?

Installation costs for Level 2 EV chargers vary, depending on the site. To find out installation costs get in touch with us. We will walk you through the process and be there for you every step of the way.

Are Noodoe EV Chargers Quality-Certified, such as UL-certified?

Noodoe chargers are all certified. The certifications are recognized in the countries where the chargers are sold. All chargers sold in the United States are Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-certified.

What Products are Offered by Apogee Charging Solutions?

As a national distributor and installer of Noodoe, Apogee Charging Solutions offers a full range of EV charging solutions for our residential and commercial customers. Along with level 2 AC units and level 3 DC chargers, we also offer our Noodoe EV OS platform for easy operation.

What is the Lead Time for the Installation of the Charger After Placing an Order?

Level 2 AC chargers are usually ready for shipping immediately after you place the order. The time it takes for installation depends on the site. The installation process includes planning and permitting stages. Installation times for level 3 DC chargers depend on the unit and if additional infrastructure is necessary for operation.

What is the Input Current Value for Noodoe EV Chargers?

Information about the maximum input current and other data is on the chargers’ datasheets. You can find the information on the charger’s product page.

Are Your Chargers Easy to Use?

Our Noodoe chargers are extremely easy to use. The EV chargers make accessing charging services quick and easy, without signing up for a membership. Drivers only have to scan a QR code on the charger and choose their preferred payment method to start charging. Here’s a quick look at how our chargers work.

Do Customers Need to Download the Noodoe App to Charge Their EV?

Customers do not need to download the Noodoe app to charge their electric vehicles. They only need to scan the QR code with their phones and select a method of payment to start charging.

Is it Difficult to Activate the Chargers After Installation?

It’s easy to activate our Noodoe chargers after installation. Once the chargers are powered on, you need to scan the unit’s illuminated QR code with your phone. From there, follow the instructions to activate the chargers. But, most of the time unless requested by our client, we activate your chargers for you!

What is the Standard Fee I should Charge My Customers?

How much you charge customers depends on a few factors including energy costs and the type of chargers on the property. Market competition will also affect charging rates.

How Can I Track the Status of my Charging Session?

Before you start charging, the unit will instruct you to input your mobile number. During the charging session, your phone will receive notifications updating on the vehicle’s charging. EV drivers can also download the free Noodoe app to track the status of their charging sessions.

Whom Should I Connect with if there is a Technical Problem?

Apogee Charging Solutions has several contacts that can assist you in with any problems. You can find the correct contact here, or you call the number on the side of the charging unit.

Are Your Chargers Available in Dual Anits?

Our EV level 2 chargers are usually mounted on our universal pedestals which support dual charger mounting. Specific level 3 DC chargers support simultaneous EV charging via the unit’s two connectors.

Are your EV Charging Stations Designed in Compliance with ADA Requirements?

Our Noodoe EV charging stations are compliant with ADA requirements. You can ask one of our Apogee Charging Solutions experts to provide you with more information by scheduling a call that fits your needs, or email [email protected].

Why Does the Charging Process Slow Down if I Charge Multiple EVs at the Same Time?

Noodoe EV chargers use smart energy management technology to allow for the installation of more units on the site, even if the available energy does not support multiple chargers. The software balances out the available power among the chargers, so all stay operational for drivers. Balancing the power load slows down charging rates until fewer units are in use.

What does the Noodoe Load Management Feature Offer?

Our Noodoe load management feature lets you install up to four times more EV chargers than is usually allowed based on the electrical capacity supplied by the electric grid.

Do the Chargers need to Connect to the Internet? (Wi-Fi, 4G/5G networks, ethernet)

You will need a stable internet connection for the Noodoe EV commercial chargers. Some models support Wi-Fi while others work with ethernet or 4G connections. Information about the types of connections the chargers support is listed on the product’s datasheet.

Apogee Charging Soltuions Data Sheets: All data sheets can be downloaded for free.

Level 2 AC Commercial Chargers – Data Sheet

Level 3 DC Commercial Chargers – Data Sheets:

Is Noodoe EV OS Compatible with other Manufacturers Charging stations?

Our Noodoe EV OS supports charging stations that are installed by other hardware manufacturers. Some include ABB, BTC Power, Delta, EVBox, and Tritium, and others that are compliant with industry standards.

How Durable are Noodoe EV Chargers?

All of our chargers meet and exceed industry standards. Our chargers are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor locations. You can learn more about the specific NEMA ratings by reviewing our product datasheets.

Can I Buy a 4G Router from any Local Store or Online?

Our chargers will run on a 4G router from a store or purchased online, but it’s not recommended. Non-industrial routers often experience problems, including freezing during operation. Resetting the router is expensive and requires a service call for repairs. It’s always best to use an industrial 4G router for connecting your chargers.

Can I Buy Ethernet Switches from Local Stores or Online?

You can purchase inexpensive ethernet switches online or from a store and still experience smooth charger operation.

What are the Payment Methods Available for using your EV Charging Stations?

Our EV chargers support universal pay-at-the-pump. Customers can choose their preferred payment methods that include credit/debit cards, along with Apple and Google Pay.

What Rate do Competitors Charge their Customers for EV Charging?

Competitor charging rates vary by location and are affected by electrical costs, market competition, and the types of chargers in use.

Are there any Rebates or Incentives Plans for EV Charger Installation?

Several of our chargers qualify for rebates and other financial incentives. Plans vary, but some include the chargers’ cost and/or installation fees. Incentives and rebates vary bast on local, state, and federal programs. Apogee Charging Solutions offers a fully turn-key EV charging solution which included managing your rebates and incentives.

Do I Need to Sign a Contract with you to have an EV Charger at My Property?

Owners and operators of our commercial chargers will need to subscribe to the Noodoe EV OS. It is the operating system that managers the chargers for you.

Are there any Overcurrent Protection Devices in Noodoe EV Chargers?

Noodoe EV chargers have onboard overcurrent protection that protects the units from damage and short-circuiting.

Do I get Software Upgrades Automatically?

You will automatically get software updates for Noodoe EV chargers since it uses a cloud-based operating system.

Can you Customize any Integration Software I may Need?

No modifications are necessary for typical deployment. Our Noodoe EV OS is robust and versatile, so we can create custom solutions and modifications for specific projects.

Can you Offer Different Pricing Scenarios at a Single Charging Station?

You can set different pricing scenarios at a charging station. Some options include free and discounted charging for VIPs, and employees.

Do you Offer RFID Cards to Use the EV Charging Stations?

RRID cards are not necessary to use a Noodoe EV charging station, but some chargers with customized payment solutions accept RFID cards.

How Long Does it take to Charge up an EV Using your Charging Station?

The amount of time it takes to charge your electric vehicle depends on a few factors. The type of charger affects charging times. DC chargers are noticeably faster than AC charging stations, the condition of your battery, and the rate of charge your vehicle can accept.

Can I Offer the Noodoe EV Charger as a Free Amenity?

You can choose to offer free charging to some people or everyone with an electric vehicle with our Noodoe Charging stations. This is commonly used for situations like Hotels or Retail offering incentives for choosing them over a competitor.

What Kind of Maintenance do EV Chargers Require?

Our Noodoe EV chargers require little maintenance. Most chargers only require a visual inspection by the maintenance team to ensure there isn’t any physical damage and possibly retract the charging cable.

What is the Warranty Period of Noodoe EV Chargers?

Your contract includes a full description of the warranty, but most Noodoe warranties cover all parts for two years.

How do I Process a Warranty Claim?

Contact Apogee Charging Solutions to start processing your insurance claim, by calling 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.

Do you have a Customer Service?

Noodoe chargers usually come with a customer service number printed on the outer casing.

Can All Electric Vehicles use your Chargers?

Our Noodoe chargers follow regional standards and are compatible with most electric cars, including Tesla vehicles with the right adaptors.

How do I Prevent People from Leaving their EVs for a Long Time Period after They have Completed Charging?

We call this type of scenario, camping. You cannot tow or use other methods to force an EV out of the spot, but Our Noodoe chargers offer a solution. You can set the stations to charge a parking fee if the vehicle is left unattended after the charging process is complete.

Can I use the Wall-mount to Install Your Level 2 EV Charger?

Our Noodoe level 2 EV chargers offer flexible installations that includes wall-mounting.

Do you Offer any Specific Range of EV Chargers for Fleets?

Our exclusive Exceed DC series chargers are a one-stop solution for fleets. Noodoe’s line of DC chargers is designed to support high-industry standards.

Does Noodoe EV OS Follow Round-robin Mechanism for EV Charging?

With our Noodoe EV OS you can set multi-tier pricing. With tier pricing, you can set different rates for customers, employees, and other visitors to your site. You can also set pricing for members and non-members.

EV Charging with Apogee Charging Solutions

Apogee Charging Solutions offers national fully turn-key EV charging solutions customized to fit our clients specific needs. From initial questions and surveys, to incentives and rebates, project management, installation, electrical upgrades, and even management services for once you are up and running. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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