Sustainable Amenities – Why Employees Want Green Incentives

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American businesses are facing challenges in the way of labor shortages and product unavailability. It is not only affecting small companies but also larger businesses like McDonald’s and Starbucks.

As businesses are being forced to scale back their operations, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about implementing sustainable practices and green incentives.

Employees Want Green Incentives

Recruiting top talent is often challenging. Businesses are competing for the best and brightest, and one way to get potential employees’ attention is by offering benefits and amenities. Higher salaries are perks employees are starting to demand, along with amenities.

Around 30% of a company’s compensation package goes towards employee benefits. Along with competitive pay, employees are looking for companies that offer sustainable amenities. These green incentives often include free EV charging during working hours.

Companies also want to start thinking about their remote workforce. The Harvard Business Review noted an estimated 80% of employees prefer working from home. By offering incentives businesses can retain their office-based workers.

Employees Want Sustainable Amenities

Employees are concerned about the environment and are looking for ways to give back. It applies to most aspects of their daily lives, including their workplace. Using solar power and other renewable energy sources and offering recycling programs are ways businesses can help ensure their workforce is proud to be employed by your company.

Installing EV chargers is another green incentive more and more businesses are considering. The chargers are easier to install than many companies expect, along with the costs.

Offering EV charging is not only a great employee amenity, but it also advertises your business’s commitment to the environment.

Did you know most states allow EV drivers to use the HOV lane? It helps ensure your employees will arrive to work on time. Additionally, a Department of Energy survey finds that around 90% of employers are receiving positive feedback from their employees and customers with their EV chargers.

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How Sustainability is Influencing Employee Recruitment

Surveys are finding that employees want to be part of a company that is workings towards a sustainable future. They want to have pride in their employer.

Forbes noted that around 41% of employees are considering making a change to a company that offers green initiatives and sustainable amenities. However, the number of employees looking to change jobs drops to 7% when they work for a company that is making a positive impact in the community.

Millennials will comprise around 50% of the workforce in a few years. The Harvard Business Review indicates that around 9 out of 10 of these employees are willing to potentially lose a part of their salary if the company provides social and sustainable benefits. What this means for companies is that their future workforce will expect them to be doing their part for the environment.

Learn More About Offering Green Incentives

EV charging is a sustainable amenity and a green incentive that comes with multiple benefits. EV chargers help attract and retain talent. The units also let the public know your business cares about sustainability.

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