EV Charging FAQ For Drivers

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As a National EV charger distributor and installer we get a lot of EV charger FAQ. This is actually part 3 of our FAQ series. In this blog we are going to cover EV charging FAQ for drivers, but we have also covered general FAQ about EV chargers, as well as DC fast chargers FAQ!

Why won’t the Charging Connector Come Out of My Car?

Your charging cable usually slides easily in and out, but sometimes there’s a problem. You can’t get it to come out of the vehicle. Don’t panic. Usually, there’s an easy solution.

Check to see if you unlocked the vehicle. Most EVs have safety precautions that prevent the charging cable from being removed while the car is locked.

How do I Start Charging and What’s the Pricing?

Charing is easy with Noodoe, all you need is your smartphone. The steps are a little different depending on the phone type.

iPhone users only need to scan the charger’s QR code to access the Noodoe EV mobile portal.

If you have an Android phone, start by scanning the QR code. You either need to download the QR scanning app or download the Noodoe app. After scanning the code, tap on the pop-up notification to launch the mobile EV charging portal.

The portal displays the prices associated with the charging station, along with instructions on how to operate the charger.

Why Did I get a $50 Credit Card Charge Notification from My Bank?

The Apple Play (iPhone) and Google Pay (Android) apps charge a temporary $50 authorization fee for using the payment method. The fee is applied to ensure the account is valid.

After your charging session, your card is only charged for the amount of electricity used. The initial $50 charge is automatically refunded back to your account. How long it takes the fee to show up in your balance, depends on the financial institution. Some banks can take up to seven business days to process the refund.

Why is the Charger Asking for a Project Code After I Scan the QR Code?

When the charger asks for a project code it indicates the unit is being updated and is currently not in service.

How do I Find other EV Charging Stations?

It’s easy to find other EV charging stations with the Noodoe app. It will display all operational chargers in your area. You can also use the PlugShare feature to locate additional charging units.

Why is the Charger’s Screen Displaying a ‘Not in Service’ Message?

Anytime you see a ‘Not in Service’ message on a charging screen, the unit is experiencing issues with the network connection.

You may also get a blank screen indicating the unit is not receiving power. Sometimes you may see an error code. It means there is a problem with the charging station.

When the screen displays anything other than the QR code, it is experiencing problems.

Do I Need to be a Member to Use Your EV Charging Stations?

Memberships are not required to use our Noodoe EV charging stations, but you will need your smartphone to scan the QR code. After scanning the code, pick your payment method and start charging your vehicle.

How Much does it Cost to charge an EV Using Your Charging Stations?

The owner/operator of the EV charging station is responsible for setting the prices.

How Long does it Take to Charge an EV Using Your Charging Stations?

The amount of time it takes to charge your electric vehicle depends on a few factors. The type of charger affects charging times. DC chargers are noticeably faster than AC charging stations, the condition of your battery, and the rate of charge your vehicle can accept.

If I do not Have a Smartphone, can I use the EV Charging Stations?

RFID cards only work at charging stations with customized payment options, otherwise, a smartphone is necessary to access the charger.

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