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As the national distributor and installer of Noodoe EV chargers, we get a lot of DC fast charger FAQ. While our dedicated EV charging experts are available to answer any and all of your DC fast charger questions, we wanted to make it a bit easier to find the answers you may be looking for. Below, we have compiled the most common DC fast charger FAQ.

What is New About the Exceed DC Series Chargers?

The new Exceed DC level 3 chargers offer a 20% faster performance for the same price you are paying for other industry level EV chargers. The charging units provide true simultaneous charging, thanks to their 950v internal architecture.

What are the Different Chargers Available in Exceed DC Series?

The Noodoe EV Exceed DC charging series offers a range of stations for residential and commercial property owners, starting with the DC60P, 60kW charger up to the powerful DC 180P, 180kW charging station.

What is the Difference Between the Chargers in the Series?

The main difference between the chargers in the series is the amount of power the units provide. For example, the DC60P offers up to 60KW of charging power while the DC180P gives drivers up to 180KW per charge.

How is the Exceed DC Series Different from the Industry Standard Chargers?

Our Exceed DC series chargers offer one of the fastest charging experiences in the industry for the same price as lower speed units. The chargers are designed to save you time and money.

Are there any Overcurrent Protection Devices in these Chargers?

The Exceed DC series chargers come with onboard surge protection to prevent damage and issues with short circuiting.

Are these New Chargers Quality Certified, for Example are they UL-certified?

Noodoe chargers, including the Exceed DC series are Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-certified.

Are these Chargers Easy to Use?

Noodoe EV chargers are user-friendly. The chargers simplify access by not requiring a membership. EV drivers scan a QR code, choose their preferred payment method, and start charging their electric vehicles.

What Optimal Locations are Exceed DC Series Chargers Useful For?

Exceed DC series chargers are useful in all types of public locations, and are also beneficial for some fleets. The chargers are ideal for use in shopping centers and other high-traffic areas where drivers spend a limited amount of time. The units offer efficient charging solutions with a quick turnaround.

How are These Chargers Managed?

All of our EV chargers run on the Noodoe EV OS cloud-based management system.

How do I Generate Revenue with the Noodoe EV Exceed DC Series?

The Noodoe EV DC Series chargers make it easy for owners and operators to generate revenue. The chargers are managed by Noodoe EV OS which manages everything from payment processing and automatic transfers of funds to autonomous service delivery.

How Can I Set the Peak-hour Prices for Charging Services?

With the Noodoe EV operating system, you can easily manage peak-hour pricing. Noodoe provides you with a username and password for your account. From there you can set peak-price hours and make changes as necessary.

What is the Installation Cost Associated with an Exceed DC Series Charger?

Installation costs vary, depending on the location and a site survey is needed to estimate any installation costs. As your EV charger partner, Apogee Charging Solutions can provide you with a detailed installation plan that covers all cost associated with your EV charger install. This includes electrical infrastructure upgrades as well.

What is the Warranty Period of Exceed DC Series Chargers?

All of our Noodoe Exceed DC series chargers come with a two-year warranty.

How do I Determine the Ideal Number of Chargers at my Premises?

The number of EV chargers for a premise depends on user demand and the available power from the electric grid. Exceed DC chargers offer simultaneous charging for two vehicles, reducing the number of units you may need for the property.

Can the Two Charge Connectors be Used Simultaneously?

Using the dual port connector, two vehicles can charge at the same time.

Do I have Enough Power Capacity for these Chargers?

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a turn-key EV charger installation. As your EV charging partner, we will conduct a site survey and determine your current electrical capacity.

DC Fast Chargers from Apogee Charging Solutions

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