When Cable Management Goes Horribly Wrong

by | Nov 8, 2021 | 0 comments

While EV charging stations are built for the convenience of their users, some people run into the struggles of knotted or tangled cords and stretching the cord to their inlet. Tesla owner Alex experienced cable management that went horribly wrong. One day Alex received a notification on his phone that his charge was disrupted while he was charging his Telsa Model Y at a casino in Las Vegas. The video footage of this incident was taken from the Tesla’s Sentry Live video footage mode which was recording since the moment a woman backed into the adjacent spot.

In the video, the woman pulled up to the charging station and the charging cable did not reach the side of the car that the charging inlet was located on. After a struggle of trying to unknot the intertwined cords, she took the charger out of Alex’s Tesla and charged her own car with his pilfered cable. The cables did appear to be long enough, but due to the cables being wrapped together and tangled, it was not going to reach to the other side of the woman’s car. While it doesn’t look like a malicious act; Alex was the one to pay for her Tesla being charged.

This story serves as a reminder to the managers of EV charging ports need to maintain their EV chargers and ensure the usability of their stations. Also, to the individuals charging their vehicles, to maintain a close eye on your EV.

Click here to watch the video and full article originally posted on InsideEVs


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