EV Charge Time Could be as Fast as Pumping Gas

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Researchers have been trying to innovate new ways to get electric vehicles to charge faster. This new technology could make way for electric vehicles to be able to reach a 90% charge within only ten minutes of charging time. Scientists and engineers are expected to be five years away from perfecting this technology before it hits the market. Advances in charging time can give electric vehicles a huge boost to prospective buyers.

Electric vehicles still don’t match up to the convenience gas powered vehicles have. Electric vehicle technology still has some ways to go in terms of the range they can drive without having to stop for fuel, the amount of time it takes to fuel the vehicle and accessibility to fueling stations.

One of the main difficulties EV drivers face is the amount of time it takes them to fuel up their vehicles. A few different factors can play into charging time, it depends on the make and model of their car plus the speed of the charging station. Level 2 AC chargers don’t charge as fast as the level 3 DC chargers. Charging time for vehicles can take at least 15-30 minutes to reach a near full charge on before they go back on the road. The charging time and number of times somebody will have to stop and charge their vehicle can add a lot of extra time to a long-distance traveler’s journey.

Click here to read the full article. Originally published August 27, 2022, by The Washington Post.


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