AC Fast Chargers – What is High Powered AC Charging?

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New electric vehicle models are constantly being introduced, and it means more consumers are looking for fast charging options. Not every business or location needs or can afford a higher-priced DC fast charging station. However, you can take advantage of a more affordable AC fast charger to drive consumers to your business.

If you are new to electric vehicles and charging stations, here’s a quick look at what you want to consider before installing the units at your location.

Understanding Charging Speeds

EVs charge at different speeds. Battery capacity plays a role, along with the type of charger. Direct current (DC) charging stations are faster than alternating current (AC) units. DC chargers bypass the regulator, delivering the electrical charge directly to the vehicle’s battery.

Amperage also affects charging speed. It refers to the amount of power the charger is capable of delivering. For example, an AC charger may only deliver 32 amps, while a DC model may go up to 180 amps.

Why Dwell Time Matters

Businesses can stand out and attract new customers by offering EV charging, but which type of charger is right for the location? What if your budget or infrastructure doesn’t support fast EV chargers? Can you get by with the standard and slower 32 amp AC charging unit?

Hotels and other places where customers plan on spending the night or several hours may not need to worry about offering fast charging. Businesses where consumers spend a limited amount of time, will want to look at offering fast-charging solutions, and Apogee Charging Solutions can help.

We offer affordable AC fast charging units like the 80 amp AC19L Exceed charger. It charges vehicles two times faster than standard 32 amp units. These AC fast chargers are also easy to install, manage, and operate using our intuitive EV charging operating system.

When It Makes Sense to Offer High-Powered AC Charging

Not every business or location needs to offer AC fast charging. Hotels and workplaces where guests and visitors spend several hours have time to wait for slower charging times. Installing fast chargers may be overkill.

So, when do you want to offer AC fast charging? Businesses where EV drivers only stay for a short time may want to look at providing faster-charging speeds. AC fast chargers are also a good option for fleet owners and operators to ensure their vehicles are always ready for drivers.

What are your High-Powered AC Charging Options?

Apogee offers the AC19L Exceed, and the AC191L. These AC fast chargers come with built-in Wi-Fi, or you can utilize our Gateway, which supplies 4G connectivity.

The chargers are cloud-based for easy management. You can set pricing to reflect peak hours. With our operating software, you can allow for grace periods, manage occupancy fees, and set up payment methods with the click of a few keyboard buttons. The chargers even look great installed in your parking lot.

Attract Customers with AC Fast Charging from Apogee Charging Solutions

Rising fuel prices and environmental concerns are a few reasons drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles. It means businesses have the opportunity to become part of the fueling process in terms of electricity. AC fast chargers are an excellent way to attract consumers and help your business stand out from others.

With the right charging partner, like Apogee Charging Solutions, your organization can attract EV drivers and stay ahead of the competition. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about EV charging stations for your business, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected] or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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