Can EV Charging for Schools Bring in Additional Revenue?

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Employers are seeing an increase in demand from staff and visitors for EV chargers, and it’s the same for schools. To help with EV charging growth, multiple energy providers are partnering with businesses that include schools to make installation more affordable.

Schools are community leaders that play a vital role in making EV charging more accessible for EV drivers, but the chargers also benefit campuses. Schools can bring in additional revenue and promote sustainability.

Schools are Community Hubs

Even when classes are out, schools remain a vital community hub. Universities and colleges often see more action than other locations in the city. Campuses have a range of uses and the constant influx of visitors makes EV charging for schools an ideal solution for drivers looking to charge their electric vehicles.

As a community hub, schools are often leaders, and EV charging stations can show how campuses are supporting sustainability.

EV Charging for School Sustainability

Even though there are questions about battery production and sustainability, EVs are still better for the environment than fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Battery production technology is also improving, making EVs even more sustainable.

Drivers are interested in EVs, but they are worried about locating charging stations. Creating a robust charging infrastructure on school campuses can help allay drivers’ fears. It can also help attract students and staff. More and more students are looking for schools that promote sustainability.

Did you know there is a new battery manufacturer that just announced a battery range of 620 miles? Contemperary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. recently designed an electric vehicle model that can travel up to 620 miles on a single charge. You the full news article here.

Can EV Charging for Schools Bring in Additional Revenue?

Schools support multiple programs, and it requires a steady flow of revenue. Installing EV chargers on campus is an investment, but the units also pay for themselves over time.

Faculty and students spend most of their time on campus. Offering EV charging generates additional revenue. With our operating system and EV charging codes, campuses can set a reduced charging rate for enrolled students, staff, and faculty. The chargers can also be incentives to attract talent.

Visitors and the community can pay a higher rate per session or kilowatt. The additional revenue goes back into the school’s budget helping to support current and new programs.

The Cost of Installing EV Chargers

Installing EV chargers on campus is expensive, but schools can take advantage of financial incentives. Rebates and other financial programs can pay for half or most of the installation costs. Energy providers, local, state and the federal government often offer incentives to schools looking to install EV chargers.

Fees earned from the EV chargers will also help reduce installation costs. Before long, the chargers will be providing additional revenue.

As more individuals are turning their focus to the environment, the EV chargers show the campus is working towards a sustainable future. The chargers also attract students, which in turn provides additional funds to help offset installation costs.

Incentives for Staff

Employees want to work for businesses that promote sustainability. Offering EV charging as an incentive shows the school cares about the environment.

The chargers also encourage staff to make the transition to an EV. They know they can charge their vehicles at work.

Charging can be an employee amenity. Staff can charge their vehicles for free during working hours. To ensure revenue is coming into the school, campuses can open the chargers to the public. Visitors and others driving by can charge their EVs for a fee. Not only does it bring in additional revenue, but also helps pay for installation costs.

Don’t Forget About E-Bikes

Not everyone drives a vehicle, some students and staff prefer bikes. E-bikes are gaining in popularity, but riders need a place to charge their bicycles.

The same chargers drivers are using can also keep e-bikes rolling. Not only is the combination environmentally friendly, but it also generates additional revenue in the way of charging fees.

EV Charging for Schools – Is Your Campus Ready?

EV charging for schools promotes sustainability. The chargers can also generate additional revenue. If your campus is ready to install EV chargers, we can help.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers national fully turn-key EV charging solutions. Contact us today and learn how we can help, by calling 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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