New EV Battery has a 620 Mile Range

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One of the biggest struggles with electric vehicles is when drivers need to go long-range and certain models still aren’t designed for long distance travel without stopping for a charge. Contemperary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. recently designed an electric vehicle model that can travel up to 620 miles on a single charge. These batteries, named Qilin, will be in production in 2023 by the Chinese carmaker. This car battery is expected to be more powerful than the latest Tesla models.

“It’s an important advancement for CATL as it keeps them at the forefront on the innovation side,” said Tu Le, managing director of Beijing-based consultancy Sino Auto Insights. “Being the lowest cost provider isn’t enough to command loyalty, there needs to be more to it — and that seems to be the Qilin battery for CATL.”

More car manufacturers are working to combat the struggle of EV range. Not all highways and major roadways offer EV charging stations at their rest stops so drivers have to meticulously plan their trips so they know where to stop and charge their vehicles.

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