Specific Markets that Benefit from EV Charging Stations

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As the sale of electric vehicles are on the rise, the need for EV charging stations is even more demanding. Electric vehicle charging stations are needed in more than just residential homes. They can be installed in workplaces, various businesses and apartment or condominium complexes. Some corporations are even shifting their fleet delivery trucks away from ICE, internal combustion engines, to electric chargers.

  1. Customers

Providing EV charging stations in retail facilities can provide lots of benefits and attract more customers. Retail stores and other businesses will be able to attract more customers with an EV charging station because they will be able to see the business on their EV charging maps. Plus, they will be more likely to spend more time in the store and purchasing items while they wait for their car to finish charging. The businesses will also be able to advertise to customers that they are environmentally friendly.

  1. Fleet Charging

Companies like Amazon are already on their way to switching delivery vehicles to fleet electrification. When corporations have numerous delivery trucks out on the road, it can be a detriment to the environment with all the carbon being emitted into the air. EVs also cost less to maintain, and they won’t rely on the constantly changing gas prices making them easier to refuel.

  1. Employees

The place people spend a lot of their time when they are not home is at work. Installing EV chargers at the workplace can improve work life for the employees. Workplaces with EV chargers have more incentives for recruiting and retaining employees.

  1. Multifamily Residential Buildings

Property owners and building managers are investing more in EV chargers for their facilities. Having EV charging stations can attract new residents and retain the current residents they have. Managers have lots of different options on how to manage the parking spaces and spots that have charging stations for their residents. The facilities can also receive rebates and tax incentives for adding charging stations to their lots.

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