Consider These 5 Factors When Adding EV Chargers

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Electric vehicles are here to stay, and more people will be driving EVs by 2030 than gas-powered cars. As you start planning on adding EV charging stations to your business, you want to have a clear understanding of 5 factors. These factors will help you make an EV charger purchasing decision that fits your company’s needs and budget.

EV Charger Performance

Range anxiety is a concern with EV drivers and those thinking about switching from gas-powered vehicles. A limited number of EV charging stations and the fear it may not be compatible with their vehicles is an additional concern.

Reliability is crucial with EV chargers. You want to install charging stations that accommodate a variety of electric vehicles. To ensure your charging stations provide the level of performance drivers need and except, choose ones with universal connectors. You can serve all of your customers without neglecting some.

You also want to check the charger’s performance record. Does it live up to industry and consumer standards?

With our Noodoe EV charging stations, there is no need to worry that you are neglecting certain vehicle owners. The Noodoe EV charging stations come with universal adapters with a Tesla charging adapter available! You can review our AC and DC charging options here.

Number of Charging Stations

The perfect ratio of charging stations versus EV drives is one station for every four electric vehicles on the road. Currently, there is a large gap in charging stations versus drivers. There aren’t enough to service every electric vehicle. By 2025, it’s predicted we will see a 1.3 million gap between EV drivers and public charging stations.

The number of charging stations varies per city and area. Companies want to see how wide the gap is in their area before they start installing stations. The number of parking spots also factors in, along with any employees that drive EVs. You want to have enough charging stations to serve every driver without overspending on unnecessary chargers.

EV Charging Station Placement

Power and visibility are the two factors you consider when you’re installing EV charging stations. You want the station to be visible to EV drivers. It’s different than pulling into a gas station where all you need is a parking spot.

EV drivers need to know as they pull in there’s a place to charge their vehicle while they visit your business.

Power is also crucial. EV chargers need to be plugged into an electrical power source. You can run long cords, but it raises costs and increases liability risks. You always want to place an EV charging station close to the power source, while still being visible.

For homeowners’ associations, condos, and apartment complexes, we have several blogs dedicated to helping you select the number of EV chargers you need as well as placement, and other considerations. You can check them out here in our EV charging blog series!

Flexible Charging Station Software

Some EV charging stations use a single network and software, others are more flexible. You can switch out the software without the expense of changing the hardware. It’s a significant saving you want to consider before installing charging stations.

Being locked into one type of software can limit your ability to meet the charging needs of your customers and employees.

Flexibility also helps keeps charging prices down and keeps the market competitive. When markets are competitive innovations are common, and it benefits both you and the consumer.

With the Noodoe EV charging advantage, you receive cutting edge hardware as well as software. Autonomous revenue generation, intelligent energy management, automatic transactional billing, and more can be found in the Noodoe EV software package. If you are considering installing EV charging stations, our EV specialists are standing by to answer any of you questions. You can Schedule a Call by clicking the button below.

EV Charger Long-Term Value

Public EV chargers are outdoors in all of the elements. Add in wear and tear from consumer usage, and the machines take a beating. Placing the charging station under cover helps some, but it’s not enough if the charging station isn’t designed for durability.

Steel and aluminum construction is durable and shockproof. It’s also weatherproof and can withstand normal usage. Installing charging stations is an investment, you want to make sure you get the best for your money. It will pay off in the long run.

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