With 2021 electric vehicle sales hitting around 5 million, it’s a good time for businesses to start thinking about investing in EV chargers. EV sales are only expected to increase in the coming years, along with the growing focus on sustainability.

Why EV Charging for Businesses Makes Sense

Business owners wondering if they should invest in EV chargers will want to keep reading to learn why it makes sense.

Drive Customers to Your Business

EV drivers are more likely to frequent businesses that offer charging either as an amenity or for a fee. Drivers prefer continually topping off their batteries and they can do so at your location during their visit.

Property managers can also benefit from investing in EV chargers. Drivers are more likely to charge their vehicles at home. You can offer EV charging as a way to attract and retain tenants.

Investing in EV chargers can also improve customer and employee loyalty. Green initiatives are attractive to everyone from customers to employees and residents.

Using network-connected software, you can advertise your EV charging stations on apps essentially placing your business on a virtual map.

When businesses install EV chargers, they can also increase revenue. The software allows station owners and managers to offer EV charging for free to tenants, customers, and employees and charge the public a fee.

If you are interested in adding a new revenue stream to your business by utilizing network-connected EV chargers, we suggest reviewing more information on our advanced cloud based EV charger operating system.

Support the Growing Need for EV Chargers

EV charging for businesses comes with incentives. You can take advantage of tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives at the local, state, and federal levels. These incentives are being offered to help entice businesses to invest in EV chargers to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the road.

Stay Competitive

Retail shops and restaurants are benefitting from their investment in EV chargers, and it applies to the hospitality industry.

Offering EV charging at hotels entices guests to spend the night at your location. Offering EV charging as an amenity can set your business apart from the competition. Even as room rates rise, you can still keep your guests happy and worry-free.

Long-distance travelers will know they will have a place to charge their electric vehicles.

Increase Your Energy Resilience

EV charging for businesses reduces their carbon footprint and can lower carbon emissions taxes. Whether your company is transitioning to an electric fleet, or you want to ensure your tenants or customers can always top off their batteries, energy resilience is something to consider.

Gain Useful Data

EV chargers are an invaluable source of data. The stations can track Co2 savings, charging point activity, and energy usage. With direct access to the data, you can boost efficiency and make your chargers more effective.

EV Chargers from Apogee Charging Solutions

Tesla and Ford are rolling out EV chargers and installing units across the country to support their electric vehicles. Unfortunately, these types of EV chargers are often limited to specific EV makes and models.

To attract consumers and retain employees, choose EV chargers that work with most or all vehicle types. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about EV charging stations for your business, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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