School Electrification: Advantages of EV Charging Infrastructure in Schools

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In recent years, the surge in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has sparked a green revolution, prompting various organizations, including schools, to embrace sustainable transportation solutions. The installation of EV charging infrastructure on school campuses not only contributes to a cleaner, greener future but also offers a multitude of advantages. Let’s delve into how EV charging infrastructure is reshaping the educational landscape and empowering communities.

Empowering Education: EV Charging Infrastructure in Schools


1. Promoting Sustainable Practices

By installing EV charging stations, schools showcase their commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. It encourages students, parents, and staff to adopt greener transportation choices, aligning with the institution’s dedication to cleaner energy solutions.

2. Educational Opportunities for Growth and Success

Integrating EV charging infrastructure into the curriculum provides students with hands-on learning experiences about renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable transportation. This fosters interest in related fields such as engineering and environmental sciences, shaping the next generation of eco-conscious leaders.

3. Fostering Community Engagement

Schools equipped with EV charging stations become community hubs, offering a valuable service to local residents with electric vehicles. This fosters a sense of community engagement and enhances the school’s reputation as an environmentally responsible institution.

4. Sustainable Financial Savings

While the initial investment may seem substantial, schools can benefit from long-term cost savings. Revenue generated through charging fees and participation in utility demand-response programs can offset installation costs and even generate additional income.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a turn-key customizable EV charging solution for the education sector. We are here for every step of your electrification process, from product selection, operating system customization, infrastructure, and even rebate and incentive management, we are here to help.

Steps for School Electrification


Preferred Makes and Models of Fleets

Determine the types of electric vehicles suitable for your school’s needs, considering factors like vehicle type preference, brand preference, required mileage range per charge, and budget allocation for purchasing or leasing EVs. Electric school buses will need to hold a high capacity of occupants and have a high EV range.

Determine your Charging Model

School districts should decide what the charging stations will be used for. There can be a designated charging depot for electric school fleets like school buses. Other options can include EV charging stations available for students, faculty, and public usage for the whole community.

Fleet’s Usage Patterns

Analyze logistical factors like route lengths, locations, climate, and driving conditions to optimize charging station placement and usage. Consider the range and battery capacity of EVs in your fleet to determine charging frequency and requirements. School buses are being driven every day on set routes and occasionally for field trips or taking teams to competitions.

Choosing EV Charging Stations and Locations

Evaluate different levels of charging (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) and their suitability for your fleet’s needs, considering factors like charging speed and accessibility. Identify convenient and strategic locations for installing charging stations based on where buses are stored and operational requirements.

Partner with Local Utilities

Collaborating with local utilities provides access to incentives, rebates, and grant programs that reduce upfront costs. Utilities also offer guidance on energy management strategies to optimize charging operations.

There are many benefits of implementing EV charging for your education system, from electrifying your fleet of buses to community charging. But one often overlooked benefit is for your staff. Retaining good teachers becomes harder and harder, but offering an amenity like EV charging can help keep top talent in your school district.

Assess Electricity Infrastructure

Before installation, schools should evaluate their electricity infrastructure to ensure it can accommodate the additional load. Professional electrical assessments minimize the risk of grid overload and inform the optimal charging station configuration. Consider necessary infrastructure upgrades or equipment installations to support EV charging operations.

Develop a Timeline

Establish a timeline for planning, piloting, and implementing EV charging infrastructure, considering factors like stakeholder buy-in and alignment with sustainability goals. Allow sufficient time for the installation of charging stations, which may take several months depending on project complexity.

Incorporate Charging Infrastructure into Planning

Integrating EV charging infrastructure into the school’s master plan ensures its inclusion in future construction or renovation projects. This proactive approach ensures seamless integration and minimizes disruption to daily operations.

Ensure Completion of Charging Stations before EV Arrivals

Coordinate with suppliers and contractors to ensure timely completion of charging infrastructure to coincide with the arrival of electric vehicles. Address any supply chain issues or unforeseen delays to minimize disruptions to EV deployment plans.

Electrify your School with Apogee Charging Solutions

Installing EV charging stations in schools not only powers education but also empowers communities to embrace sustainable practices. By leading by example, schools inspire future generations to actively participate in the transition to cleaner transportation, shaping a greener, more sustainable world for all.

Contact Apogee Charging Solutions to learn how to implement electrification into your school for a more sustainable future. Call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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