6 Benefits of EV Charging on College Campuses

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As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to increase, college campuses are searching for ways to support EV drivers. Installing EV chargers on college campuses is becoming a popular option that benefits students, faculty, visitors, and the public. However, offering EV charging also comes with additional advantages.

Benefits of EV Charging on College Campuses

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with offering EV charging on college campuses.

Boost the College’s Reputation

Universities and colleges are in constant competition. Each wants to attract the best staff, faculty, and students. EV chargers for college campuses are an effective way of demonstrating the school’s commitment to technological innovation and sustainability.

Offering EV charging can improve and/or enhance the school’s reputation and attract students, staff, and faculty who place importance on environmental consciousness.

Promote Sustainability Initiatives

Colleges are often leaders in their communities, especially when it comes to promoting initiatives supporting sustainability. Installing EV charging stations is an effective way of promoting these efforts.

Compared to fossil fuel-powered vehicles, EVs produce fewer carbon emissions and can help reduce the university’s carbon footprint. By offering EV charging on college campuses, schools can encourage faculty, staff, and students to support sustainability by switching to an all-electric or hybrid vehicle.

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Attract Visitors to the Campus

Attracting visitors to the campus can benefit the college and the surrounding community. Advertising the EV chargers can help entice visitors to the campus, increasing foot traffic. Visitors are more likely to stop by local businesses as they wait for their vehicles to finish charging.


EV chargers for college campuses makes it easier, and more convenient, for students and facility to drive their electric vehicles to and from school. They can plug their vehicle in while in class, reducing the need to search for public charging stations off campus. Students and staff can also charge their EVs during off-campus activities. The convenience of being able to charge on campus can also encourage others to switch to an electric vehicle.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Colleges can use their EV charging stations to generate a new revenue stream. Campuses can charge EV drivers a fee to use the stations. Drivers can pay per charging session, by the hour, or join a membership program. Colleges can also open their chargers to the public.

Partnering with local businesses is another option. Businesses can use the chargers to advertise their location.

Using EV chargers as an additional source of revenue can help offset the costs associated with purchasing and installation.

Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence

EV charging stations on college campuses can help reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by supporting EV use. When colleges reduce the demand for fossil fuels, it is supporting a more sustainable future and reduces the school’s environmental footprint.

EV Charging on Campus with Apogee Charging Solutions

The charging stations provide benefits for students, staff, faculty, and visitors, along with the surrounding community. Colleges show they support sustainable practices. EV chargers can also enhance the school’s reputation while generating additional revenue.

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