On-site charging is the primary solution for MUDs, but it’s also important to have alternatives. These include publicly owned chargers, workplace charging, multi-use charging stations, and specific-use charging infrastructure. Additional research is necessary to learn if these solutions are a viable alternative to on-site MUD charging.

Solving the issue with on-site MUD charging starts by finding incentives and financial solutions. It includes working with utilities and local governments.

EV Charger Utility Solutions

Research and planning are still ongoing for EV charger utility solutions. Rate design, metering, interconnection, hosting capabilities, grid support, and more affect the affordability and ease of MUD EV charging.

Distribution Planning

With more electric vehicles on the road, distribution planning needs to account for the load increases due to EV charging. Already, DC fast chargers and fleet charging installations are being placed in locations with available electrical capacity and access to three-phase power.

A key role utilities play is identifying locations that can more easily support EV charging in MUDs. Using smart planning, utilities are working to keep emissions and electricity costs down. Widespread electrification includes industry, buildings, and other sectors with the goal of eventually eliminating the need for dirty power plants.

To ensure the EV market growth accounts for grid plans, utilities’ planning measures need to include forecasting and capacity analyses. Specifically, the plans need to ensure charging access for MUDs.

MUDs also need to look at the number and accessibility of other EV charging stations. For example, chargers at the workplace or in public locations. These chargers impact the grid and should be included in the planning process. Costs for MUD residents are another consideration.

Make-Ready Investment

Make-ready investments refer to anticipating and installing electrical infrastructure in new buildings or retrofitting existing structures to allow for the addition of EV charging stations in the future. Streamlining the planning costs for EV charging investments can be mitigated for EV drivers, utility ratepayers, and third-party charging providers.

An upfront investment can also apply to some split incentives for building owners and renters while streamlining the permitting process from local governments and utilities. It allows utilities to support EV charging infrastructure more easily in existing and new MUDs.

Pricing Predictability

The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly costs of electricity are an uncertainty MUD owners and managers need to address. Working with utilities, MUDs can create possible pricing solutions based on the true rate structure. For example, commercial vs residential. Having pricing options laid out can help alleviate some concerns and assist with the decision to install EV charging infrastructure.

While MUD residents cannot control EV charging prices, the presence of the infrastructure can engage them to transition to an electric vehicle. Owners and operators of the EV chargers will have a better idea of what charging fees residents will pay. Charging fair prices can also help attract new tenants that may compare fees at various MUDs.

Apogee Charging Solutions specializes in MUD EV charging solutions. We understand the difficulties surrounding the electrification of your multi-family dwelling. To learn more about our MUD EV charging capabilities click here.

Local Government Policy Solutions


EV Charger Building Codes

Adopting an EV-ready building code for new constructions can help more MUDs support electric vehicle charging. An example is using state or local codes. Berkely is mandating 20% of parking spaces in new buildings accept EV charging infrastructure. Planning for EV charger infrastructure at the start of the construction eliminates the need for expensive trenching at a later date.

Owners and managers of existing buildings can also meet code requirements during a major renovation. However, older buildings may run into issues getting up to code. Research is still necessary to learn more about how feasible it is to install EV chargers in older, outdated MUD properties.

Streamline EV Charger Permitting

Streamlining EV charger permitting saves MUD owners and operators time and money. It also increases the chances for the property to install EV chargers. Working with city leaders can help streamline the process. For example, one city has reduced the permit waiting time to around one week.

Removing or Modifying Parking Minimums

Parking minimums dictate how many off-street parking spots are allocated to a building. It allows parking authorities to ticket or remove non-electric vehicles from spots reserved for EV charging. As more drivers switch to electric vehicles, additional parking will be necessary for EV charging. It can create issues with fossil-fuel drivers looking for a parking spot.

EV Charging Solutions for MUDs

Along with doing your research for the best infrastructure solution, you want a savvy partner before you start installing on-site EV charging stations. Contact Apogee Charging Solutions today to learn how we can help you find incentives that dramatically reduce purchasing and installation costs. Call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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