Every type of business can benefit by offering commercial EV charging. The EV charging market presents opportunities for companies to increase their revenue streams with set fees to use the stations. Businesses are also providing convenient and sustainable services. Showing that your company supports green initiatives can attract new customers and help retain existing ones.

Electric Vehicle Charging vs Gas

Drivers’ behaviors differ depending on if they are driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE) or one with an electric battery.

Filling up at the gas station is something drivers typically do when the fuel tank is nearing empty. They spend a few minutes at the gas pump before driving away. It’s a little different with EV drivers. They often worry about range. Even though the majority of EV owners charge their vehicles overnight at home, they still stop off at public charging stations.

How Your Business Benefits from EV Charging Stations

Before you start a charging station business, it’s a good idea to learn how your company will benefit by offering the amenity.

Increase Revenue

When considering offering commercial EV charging, the first benefit businesses think of is the added revenue stream.

You can charge customers to use the station. Think of it as monetizing your existing parking spaces. Consumers can plug their EVs in and spend time in your business. You are already earning money before the customer walks in your door.

Your potential revenue depends on a few factors that include the set charging fees, the number of drivers using the stations, and the type of unit installed. For example, fast DC chargers often earn more than slower Level 2 units.

Increasing revenue is one of the main reasons organizations first look into EV chargers for their business. One of our Top Blogs and the one we recommend reading is, How to Make Money from an EV Charging Station.

Setting Up Your Fee Structure

Your fee structure determines the amount of revenue the chargers bring in. Some of your options include

  • Charge drivers per kWh of electricity used
  • Add a small fee for the convenience of using the charger
  • Charge by the minute
  • Fluctuate prices based on changing electricity rates

To create a fee structure for your EV charging business, you can take advantage of innovative software. Our EV chargers have our operating system software pre-installed.

Boost Business

Drivers of electric vehicles tend to be educated, employed, and own more than one vehicle. They care about the environment and want to support businesses with similar views. As more consumers are switching to EVs, your potential customer base is increasing.

Offering commercial EV charging can make your business stand out from the competition. EV drivers can spend time inside your establishment while their vehicle is charging.

How to Increase Your Online Visibility

Signage and other advertising techniques can help bring attention to your EV charging business. However, you may not be reaching everyone.

Placing the location of your EV charging station online ensures it is easily visible. When a driver searches for a convenient place to charge in your neighborhood, your business pops up. You can get an idea of how these online sites work by Googling EV charging stations near me.

Build Consumer Loyalty

A primary reason drives are trading in their fossil fuel-powered vehicles for EVs is an increase in consumer consciousness. Sustainability, climate change, and reducing Co2 emissions are important to these drivers.

The increased environmental awareness also extends to the businesses they support.

A report from IBM states, more than six in ten consumers surveyed are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact.

It’s not unusual for EV drivers to go out of their way to support an environmentally conscious business. By offering EV charging at your business, you are showing consumers your concerns are similar.

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