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With our EV operating systems expansive library of microservices, charger owners and operators can easily promote their stations. Using EV charging voucher codes, businesses can attract customers, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Sometimes businesses may want to offer free charging during an event. Voucher codes allow for one-time use and are typically valid for 12 hours. It helps ensure electricity usage costs stay within budget, while also giving valued visitors a perk for attending your event.

What are Microservices?

Apogee Charging Solutions EV charging operating system is powered by Noodoe and has integrated services that expand the station’s functionality. Known as microservices, the library is constantly expanding to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.

These microservices range from marketing tools like EV charging voucher codes to solutions for electric vehicle fleets.

EV Charging Voucher Codes – What is it?

The EV charging OS microservice creates a single-use code. Businesses can choose how to disperse the code to EV drivers. What remains constant is the limited time drivers can take advantage of the vouchers before the code becomes invalid.

How EV Charging Voucher Codes Work

An advantage of using EV charging voucher codes is flexibility. Businesses can use the codes to advertise and grow their charging business. The only limit is your creativity. Here are a few examples of how other businesses are using EV charging voucher codes.

offer longer-lasting discounts? Try our Access Codes. There are many other discount options when it comes to how your customers pay for charging their electric vehicles.

Celebrate Consumers

Businesses focusing on outdoor gear and services face stiff competition, especially during the spring. It’s when outdoor enthusiasts start thinking about camping, hiking, and boating. Installing EV charging stations for customers to use while shopping is a start. Consumers know they can plug their vehicles in while they are looking for this season’s outdoor gear.

To help boost sales, one business is offering a free charging session to customers spending $100 or more. It entices consumers to pick up extra items to take advantage of free EV charging. Employees hand out voucher codes to consumers meeting or exceeding the minimum price.

Local Conventions

Hotels and conference centers hosting conventions can offer a free EV charging session as a perk to attendees. Gift bags are common at events and including a charging code is something everyone will appreciate.

Event hosts can work with hotels and conference centers with EV charging stations. The EV charging operating system’s microservices can charge a flat fee for the voucher codes, covered by the event host.

Treat VIPs

Hotels are working to become more sustainable, and some are receiving LEED Gold certification for their focus on green building and business practices. It includes installing EV chargers for guests.

Some guests expect a little more, especially when they are staying in VIP suites. Offering free EV charging to these guests is an easy way to make them feel special. Our microservices will email the voucher codes to the guest’s inbox.

EV Charging Microservices Can Help Grow Your Business

Offering EV charging voucher codes is an effective way to grow your business. To learn more about our microservices offered in our EV charging operating system contact us today! Call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.


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