EV Chargers for Commercial Real Estate

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The appearance and instant popularity of the Tesla Model S in 2010 changed the way Silicone Valley attracts and retains top talent. The sleek, sporty, and loaded with tech Model S needs a place to plug in and recharge. With employees choosing electric over gas-powered vehicles, Silicone Valley leaders quickly began installing EV chargers.

Today, EV chargers are becoming standard at most business complexes, so doesn’t it make sense to install a commercial EV charging system on your multi-tenant property? It’s estimated EV adoption will increase around 25% annually for the next five years.

Incentives are Encouraging the Move Forward

Installing a commercial EV charging system can be cost-prohibitive, especially across multiple properties. To help offset these costs, commercial property owners can take advantage of the state, federal, manufacturer, and utility incentives. Supportive regulations are also helping, along with EV charging systems that allow for revenue streams. You can charge a fee for non-tenants while keeping it a perk for residents. Delaying installation can see a loss in your property’s value and its ability to attract and retain tenants.

Owners of commercial properties in multiple cities may not have a choice. Data compiled by the Electrification Coalition states 30 cities have regulations in place regarding EV chargers for commercial properties. The regulations require these properties to have EV charging stations on site. These city requirements are a quick and easy way for them to increase EV charging.

Commercial real estate agencies that are interested in starting a new revenue stream need to invest in an EV charger operating system that allows for multisite management. Apogee Charging Stations offers the Noodoe EV OS, one of the most advanced, customizable operating systems available on the market. You can learn more here.

Apogee Charging Solutions Has You Covered

You need more from an EV charging partner than a management platform. Apogee Charging Solutions not only manages EV chargers for commercial real estate, but also works with property managers and owners through the selection, installing, and operating processes.

Experienced sales personnel will help you choose the right EV chargers for your commercial properties, considering the type and number of EVs. AC or Level 2 EV chargers are cost-effective and ideal for shorter commutes with a 32A output. Commercial properties with vans and larger trucks will want to look at our powerful Noodoe Exceed DC chargers. Your drivers have the power they need to complete their routes without draining your operating budget.

Multiple EV Chargers for Commercial Properties

Installing multiple EV chargers can come with challenges that include managing the available power. With Noodoe EV OS, commercial property owners can take advantage of our platform’s load management technology. It ensures EV drivers can charge their vehicles without exceeding your power limit. The technology balances the power load between the connected chargers, meeting your tenants’ charging needs. With Apogee Charging Solutions, you can build tenant loyalty and continue to attract new ones.

Get More Output with Less Input

Your team has enough to do without worrying about the commercial EV charging system. With advanced diagnostic tools, it’s one less task your staff needs to perform. The tools automatically detect and repair minor issues that can knock your EV chargers offline. Your team can concentrate on their normal duties, increasing workplace productivity.

Our EV charging platform also offers flexible payment options, making it easier for tenants. With QR-Code-based Scan, Pay, & Charge, EV drivers can select their preferred payment method. Since they don’t have to download an app or fill out a payment application, tenants can easily charge and get to work.

EV Chargers for Home and Work

Commercial EV charging systems are a crucial part of the push towards electric vehicle adoption. With cities enacting regulations and incentives for commercial property owners, it’s time to start looking at EV charging systems.

Even though costs can seem initially prohibitive, the benefits quickly add up. You can improve employee productivity, keep current tenants, attract new residents, and add a new revenue stream. You are also moving into a future boasting a cleaner and quieter environment.

To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about implementing a Commercial EV Charging System, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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