Can I Boost Employee Satisfaction with EV Chargers?

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Employers looking for ways to boost employee satisfaction and loyalty may want to consider offering EV charging at work. Not sure if installing electric vehicle charging stations is worth the time and expense? Here’s a look at some of the reasons why businesses are giving their employees the option of charging their EVs at work.

Why You Should Offer EV Charging at Work

Charging Vehicles at Work is Convenient

Even though most EV drivers charge their vehicles at home, most still prefer plugging in whenever they have the opportunity. Being able to charge their EVs at work is convenient and can go a long way toward easing fears about range anxiety.

While range anxiety is a slightly overblown fear, being able to charge their vehicles at work gives employees peace of mind. An estimated 42 percent of drivers also consider charging their vehicles to be too time-consuming. You can help alleviate their frustration by allowing them to charge their vehicles while they work. This way, when their shift is over, their EVs are fully charged and ready to go.

Offering EV charging at work helps ensure employees safely make it home, even with longer commutes. You are also showing employees you are committed to their well-being, which can help inspire brand loyalty among your staff.

Offering Employee EV Charging Boosts Productivity

Boosting employee productivity is a priority for businesses. An effective way to increase productivity is by offering amenities that make your employees’ lives easier, like EV charging.

Employees who can charge their EVs at work are less worried about finding a charging station on their way home or running after-work errands. EV charging at work also helps employees save money on charging fees.

Your employees will feel appreciated and valued. When employees feel like their employer is taking steps to make their lives a little easier, their productivity levels generally increase. EV charging at work creates a win-win situation for employers and employees.

More and more organizations are offering sustainable amenities to attract and retain top talent. If this is something your organization is considering, we recommend reading, Sustainable Amenities – Why Employees Want Green Amenities.

Attract Talent by Offering Workplace EV Charging

Businesses are often competing against each other to attract the best talent. They also want to retain their employees. Recruiting and training new staff is time-consuming and expensive, but you can remove this hurdle by offering EV charging to your employees.

EV charging at work also boosts your company’s image as a socially and environmentally conscious brand. This is something workers look for in prospective employers. A Gallup study finds that 71% of workers look at a company’s environmental record before accepting the job.

Along with creating an energy-efficient workplace that goes beyond lighting and other systems, EV charging can help your company meet sustainability and environmental goals. Since the chargers are usually visible, they serve as advertising for your brand’s climate-positive strategy.

You are also showing your brand is forward-thinking and ready to embrace new technology.

Workplace EV Charging Employees Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

A quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the transportation sector. Transportation is also the leading cause of air pollution in cities. An estimated 6 out of 10 drivers state reducing CO2 emissions is important. This is also the leading reason why drivers switch to electric vehicles.

Businesses can help employees meet their sustainability goals by offering EV charging at work. For companies with large work crews, the reduction in CO2 pollution can be substantial. You can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your area by opening the EV chargers to the public. By allowing employees to charge for free and asking visitors to pay a small fee, the charging stations can also become an additional revenue stream. Over time, charging fees from visitors can also help offset charger purchasing and installation costs.

Employees Can Claim EV Incentives

Employees hesitant to switch to electric vehicles often feel more secure when they can charge their EVs at work. This also means employees can take advantage of EV incentives. Financial incentives are available from federal, state, and local governments. Utilities and even some EV manufacturers are also offering drivers incentives to apply to their vehicle purchases. The incentives can quickly add up, making owning an EV even more affordable.

Are You Ready to Offer EV Charging at Work

Are you ready to offer EV charging at work for your employees? If so, contact Apogee Charging Solutions. We can help you select the right charging stations, design an installation plan, and ensure the grid can handle the extra load. We will even help you navigate the financial incentive process to make EV charger installation more affordable for your business. Contact us today by calling 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.


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