Most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, around 85%, according to studies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always apply to multifamily properties. Many do not offer EV charging to residents. Cities and states with sustainability programs can more easily meet their goals by encouraging multifamily dwelling owners and managers to embrace EV charging.

How to Create Successful EV Charging Operations

Owners and managers of multifamily dwellings are rarely EV charging experts, but they are also the ones responsible for the critical infrastructure. They need solutions that meet their specific requirements. Thankfully, installing and managing EV charging stations is less time-consuming than in previous years but it’s EV drivers’ experience that determines how successful your EV charging operations are.

What’s Involved in EV Charging Operations

A lot goes into the charger’s critical infrastructure. Complex owners and managers will need to select the hardware, and software, and integrate the network. Payment solutions and installation locations are also part of the process. Don’t forget about allocating charging parking spots and accounting for energy usage.

EV charging operations typically run smoothly with open-standards-based EV charging systems and networks. It allows for a broad range of hardware options that can lower overall costs by eliminating the need for frequent equipment upgrades and software adaptions.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a full line of Level 2 AC chargers, Level 3 DC chargers, supporting equipment, and the most advanced customizable operating system on the market today.

EV Charging is a Collaborative Industry

It’s estimated around 125 million EVs will be on the roads by 2030 and meeting drivers’ charging needs requires fast and seamless growth in private and public charging stations.

To keep up with demand, technology needs to continue to advance, and it will require collaboration in the industry.

Multifamily dwellings benefit from collaboration in the industry. It allows them to work with a variety of partners covering everything from selecting vendors to installation and support. The collaboration will help ensure your EV charging operations are effective for owners, operators, and drivers.

Covering EV Charging Costs

Sustainability programs at the local, state, and federal levels are helping to offset charging station purchasing costs. It’s one of the biggest hurdles multifamily dwellings often need to overcome.

These programs typically offer rebates, tax credits, and other financial incentives to multifamily dwellings. Utility companies are also partnering with complexes to help offset electricity usage costs. Taking advantage of these programs can result in significant savings.

Installing an EV charging infrastructure can be expensive but federal grants, tax rebates, and other financial incentives will help lower overall costs. Finding these financial incentive programs can be challenging, so here’s a brief guide to help you get started.

Multifamily Dwellings are Vital Partners in Sustainability Programs

Multifamily dwellings are not major players in sustainability programs, but it’s expected to change. Utilities are investing in grid stability, along with managing electricity costs and power consumption.

New EV charging programs are reducing the need for expensive electrical upgrades at multifamily dwellings. Utilities are also developing new ways to anticipate the electrical infrastructure requirements at multifamily complexes.

Owners and operators of apartment and condo complexes can attract and retain tenants by offering EV charging as an amenity. The number of green apartments is increasing, by as much as 300%. Along with offering energy-efficient appliances, recycling, and using sustainable building products, EV charging is another green initiative that provides continual benefits.

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