Parents dropping their children off at school are typically only concentrating on making it through the drop-off line, and it includes EV drivers. Electric vehicle owners aren’t concerned about range, since they are only at the school for a limited time. However, there are times when electric vehicles are parked at schools for several hours and drivers may want to charge their EVs.

Offering EV charging in school parking lots is a major decision, but it also comes with benefits. Here’s a look at some of the EV charger benefits for K-12 schools.

EV Chargers for Events

Schools host events throughout the year. Plays, holiday pageants, and sporting events are only a few times visitors find themselves at the school for several hours. As more drivers switch to electric vehicles, parents will benefit from chargers on school campuses.

Installing EV chargers in public parking areas relieves drivers’ range anxiety, allowing them to concentrate on cheering their children through the event. EV chargers offer an additional benefit. It can encourage more drivers to transition to an electric vehicle knowing they can charge their EV during school events.

No matter what industry you are in, installing EV chargers in a parking lot all costs relatively the same thing and comes with the same issues. In, Cost of Installing EV Chargers in My Parking Lot, we breakdown what your installation is going to cost you.

EV Chargers for Teachers

Teachers spend the majority of their time during the week at school. Educators driving electric vehicles will benefit from EV chargers, especially teachers with long commutes. Even though teachers can find public charging stations away from the school, it means one more stop on their way to and from school.

Schools in remote or rural areas may not be located near a public EV charger, creating range anxiety for teachers.

Knowing they can charge their EVs at school allows teachers to focus on their students. They have peace of mind knowing their electric vehicle’s battery is charged for the drive home.

Another EV charger benefit for schools is it indicates the campus is embracing a sustainable future.

Learn More About EV Charger Benefits

EV chargers at schools’ benefits parents, visitors, and teachers. To learn more about how your school can offer EV charging call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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