Are EV Chargers Needed for Colleges and Universities?

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The United States boasts over 5,300 accredited colleges and universities that house and employ over three million people. The number of visitors to campus is even higher. Universities are high-traffic areas, so it makes sense to install EV chargers on campus.

3 Reasons Why EV Chargers Are Needed for Colleges and Universities

Still not convinced EV charging stations on campus are necessary? Here are three reasons why universities should install electric vehicle chargers.

Convenience for Staff, Visitors, and Students

Electric vehicle popularity is rising especially among Gen Z and Millennials. These are also the groups that make up most of the workforce, and more of them are choosing to drive EVs. As one of the largest employers in the area, a large percentage of your staff are driving EVs.

More college-aged individuals are choosing EVs over gas-powered vehicles. Universities also want to consider the needs of their visitors.

It takes several hours for an EV battery to fully charge. Installing EV chargers on campus allows everyone to charge their vehicles during work, class, or visits.

A 2019 AAA survey indicates that around 40 million Americans are considering buying an electric vehicle.

Students are Going Green

The number of students that factor in a university’s commitment to the environment is rising, according to a 2021 Princeton Review survey. It is up to 75% of students, compared to 64% in 2019. Offering EV charging stations on campus shows the university is working toward reducing its carbon footprint.

While electricity is cleaner than fossil fuels, it is occasionally powered by natural gas. To continue to reduce pollutants, universities are receiving power from renewable sources like solar energy. Currently, 91% of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) members are supplementing their power supplies with renewable energy.

It means electric vehicles are going even greener!

Electrify Campus Fleets

Fleets drive college campus. The vehicles provide transportation, make deliveries. Fleet vehicles are also used by campus maintenance and police departments. Have you thought about electrifying your campus fleets?

Smart charging stations can track energy usage and charging times, ensuring your fleet is always ready to go. Your university will see savings in fuel and maintenance costs that can go toward other school programs.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a fleet charging operating system that can be customizable to fit your individual fleet. If your educational campus is considering electrifying your fleet contact one of our fleet electrification experts today, by clicking the button below and scheduling a call that fits your needs.

Ready to Put EV Chargers on Your College Campus?

Electric vehicles are the future. As a leader in the community, colleges need EV chargers on their campuses. Not only does it show the university’s commitment to sustainability, but also to the community it serves.

Ready to start the conversation about EV chargers on campus? Connect us today to learn more from one of our EV charger experts by calling 484-816-2076, or email [email protected].


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